1 Weekend, 2 Gigs, 3 Last Minute Changes

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    Now that things are beginning to open up our gigs are coming back, weather permitting of course. We had 3 gigs rained out over Memorial Day weekend, had to cancel some June gigs when I had surgery on my foot. I still cannot walk more than a few steps but the rest of the band has been great about hauling my gear for me.

    Friday we were back at our monthly slot at the Mermaid. They have been having music outdoors on the weekends since April. Big night planned for us - we were debuting our new band t-shirts "The Weekend Starts Here" (from the old British TV show Ready, Steady, Go) and our new sound system with everyone running through the board and small amps onstage as personal monitors. We arrived earlier than usual to get the sound right. Unfortunately the area was in the midst of a heat wave and air quality alert.

    Last minute change #1: Bar owner told us that she was not having anyone dropping of heatstroke tonight so she was cranking up the A/C to the max and apparently having their first post-COVID inside show. I updated the email blast and FB and quickly learned that most of our crowd was not too comfortable with an indoor show. Small crowd, but enthusiastic.


    Yep that's me playing steel guitar on "I Saw the Light."

    Sunday was a private party outdoors. The house was on old stone mansion that looked like a castle, 9 bathrooms, etc. with a small barn in the back that serves the artists' lounge of sorts. It also had 3 life size nutcracker soldiers in it.


    Last minute change #2: The host texted as we were driving over and asked that we NOT load in from the front, but to use path to the back that would be "closer." It looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland. Here is Jeff hauling his drums up the path:


    OK. Everything loaded in. Time for a sound check:


    I do not sing so I get to stand out here, listen to vocal levels and take pictures. You can see my rig in center, Lakland HB30 into a Rumble 100, steel guitar and Mando into a Fishman Loudbox. What you do not see here are the 2 bounce houses that are off to the guitarist's left.

    We played 2 sets, people danced and seemed to have a good time. We ended exactly at 6 PM as requested.

    Last minute change #3: As we were packing up the host came over and handed us an envelope. BL said that we already got paid and that he deposited the check...hmmm... is it going to bounce? Host laughed about that and said that was "a little extra" for the band and that we earned it. OK. BL put the envelope in his pocket. Later that night BL sends a group text...... he paid us double!
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  2. Excellent looking gigs, thanks for sharing.

    The path looks "majestic" but a long slog. I guess double the pay softens the blow on that one.

    We had a couple gigs over Mem Day where we got more pay than what was agreed on, but never double.

    PS - You broke the cardinal rule of wearing your own band shirts and everyone at that. Just kidding, we have shirts with our logo on it and I was called out on that from a "cantankerous" member here. Very cool :thumbsup:
  3. Hi @Ignatius,

    I'm glad to see you gigging! Despite the last minute changes it looks like you managed to save a few fun units. :D

    Thank you for your indulgence,

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    Sep 26, 2011
    Jeff needs some wheels. Those four wheel dollies with pneumatic tires are a real back saver for most drummers I know.