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  1. Simple question for you all. Ive got a Carvin 2-10 cabinet that Im using with a 1-15. The 15 sounds great, but anytime I add any volume at all to the 10s, they distort real bad to the point of where they cant be used. Is this speaker blown or am I EQing something wrong?
  2. I dunno, how are you Eqing it?
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    If the drivers aren't blown it means that you're pushing too many lows into tens that aren't capable of doing anything with them. The solution to that is a crossover, either passive or electronic, that will send the lows only to the 15 and stop them from going to the tens. Try playing through the tens only, with the bass EQ set no higher than 12:00. If they sound OK there but fart out when you take the EQ up then a crossover is in order. If they fart out with the EQ flat or even pulled down the drivers are probably blown.
  4. Bill, this is a the third time youve helped me out. I truly appreciate your help.
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    Check to make sure speakers are in phase (both cones moving outwardly). To do this, plug your spk cable into the cab and use a 9 volt battery on the other end of the cable, touch the battery to the cable end + to + and - to - and watch the spks as you tap the cable, the spks will move. If one spk is out of phase, just open up the cab and reverse the wires on the spk.
    Also, when using a 210/115 set up, the 210's will doninate over the 115, it's possible that the 10's cones may have gone beyond it's excurssion limit. If this is the case, there will be a ring around the outter cone (a dimple type seam) then that spk is no good, need to re-cone or replace it.
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    That's the drawback of running mismatched cabs off the same amp. One is bound to crap out before the other.
  7. Ok, I took Bills advice. I took all the bass out of the EQ and tried just the 10s. They seemed to work fine at low levels so I dont think they are blown. When I slowly started pushing the volume upward, they started farting again. I have started to look for a crossover. Seems the Rane crossovers get the full nod around the forum.
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    Remember that if you go with an active crossover you'll also need another power amp. Also double check the 10s, be sure that there's no separation of the cone from the surround or the surround from the frame, that also can cause farting out at relatively low volumes.
  9. Rane MX22 are cheap and plentiful on eBay. I own two.

    Lowest crossover point is 100 Hz, which can be a problem for those wanting to cross over lower.
  10. What's the impedance of the cabs? If the 2x10 is 4 ohms and the 1x15 is 8 ohms, part of your problem is the 210 is getting twice the power that the 15 is, and is much less able to handle that power at low freqs.

    Also are the power handling of the 2 cabs similar?

    You can mix and match different cabs, but you can't mix and match dissimilar cabs by just hooking them up in parallel.... if that makes sense. You have to be careful to pick appropriate wattage, sensitivity, freq response, impedance. If they're too dissimilar you have to biamp or run them in seperate channels of a stereo amp to prevent one from an early grave.