$100 and an essex p-bass...suggestions?

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by clef360, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. Yeah, i have an essex spb-57 p-bass copy, and i also have $100 to spend on it...any suggestions on what i should do? what's the crappiest part on an essex (therefore needing to be replaced first). etcetcetc. Thanks.
  2. jondog


    Mar 14, 2002
    NYC metro area
    um, nothing? For $100 you could get a whole 'nother SX. Or a bunch of lessons. Or maybe a pro setup if you don't know how to adjust action, truss rod, intonation, etc.

    I *might* get an onboard preamp or active pup, but that's just because I like active basses. The stock electronics on my SXs are actually pretty good.
  3. btw, i've got the action almost to where i like it. all i have to do is cut the nut down slightly, but that'll be done soon. i also adjusted the intonation by ear, but i'll do it with a tuner soon....what i'm trying to say is, setup isn't a problem. i also have no use for an extra essex bass. i only got this one to mess around with. i'm also considering lessons, but maybe later.
  4. Why not start saving for a rig, or your next bass. You don't HAVE to spend all your money. If you save up you can end up with a much better bass sooner than if you just mod your current one. Im not putting the essex down, but you asked for an oppinion and mine would be to save up and get another ax. Ya can never have too many.
  5. well, i also own an Ibanez sr645, which is my main bass. I actually only got the essex bass because my friend's bass was stolen, so i'll probably sell it to him, but I was thinking i could do some simple mods first to help him have a slightly better bass since i like doing this kind kind of thing (modding or changing stuff around; i do a lot of stuff to my computer and would do it to my car if my dad(who's a mechanic) would let me). I'm not sure if this is the best idea, now, but i kept reading about how people would buy an essex, do some simple mods, and it would be "better than or equal to a mim fender". So...ya'll think it's a better idea just to save up for another bass? $200 or so was the original budget.
  6. jondog


    Mar 14, 2002
    NYC metro area
    I haven't played yours, but in general, IMO, the average sx is already better than the average MIM Fender.
  7. if its for a buddy and 200 is the budget, than thats a different story. Dropping money on new tuners, a new pickup (active or passive is your choice, but there is nothing like the sound a nice thumpy passive P), and a new bridge, if you have more money to toss around, pickgaurd or a straplocks.
  8. Clef, just let all these naysayers tell it to the wind...you can have a lot of fun with $100!

    Just a list of what's maybe possible that I've seen and researched in the last few weeks - pick and choose:

    1. Replace the inexpensive imported electronic components with high quality rigging and wire. $10 - 20.

    2. New to slightly used aftermarket upgrade pup (Seymour Duncan, EMG) off of ebay could run from $25-$50.

    3. New high mass bridge - $20-$40

    4. Install control cavity shielding - $10

    5. Install threaded steel inserts in neck for use with stainless steel machine bolts - $40

    6. Add new Jazz pup - Ebay $15-30, new aftermarket - $20 up

    7. Add a high mass nut - $35

    8. Dress frets - $20

    9. Dress up with better pickguard - $15-25

    10. New tuners - $20-50
  9. any suggestions on which higher mass bridge costing $20-$40 i should get?
  10. also, what are the threaded steel inserts?
  11. Try this site for a pretty good selection of bridges: www.customshopparts.com I've bought several from them and they are very good for the money.

    Threaded steel inserts are used in conjunction with machine thread bolts in place of the wood screws that are used to bolt the neck in place. The inserts are installed in the neck and allow much more force to be applied when tightening the neck to the body. This extemely tight coupling noticably increases sustain.
  12. Glenn D.

    Glenn D.

    Aug 20, 2002
    Fort Collins, CO

    Gotoh 201 from Warmoth: $23

    Pick up some shielding tape while you're there, and maybe a pickguard blank to cut out a new one.

    Glenn D
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