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  1. So I fire up my 1001RB-II tonight, and a constant high frequency hum starts goin at different pitches until I turn the unit off then it's gone. I turned the power on and off a couple of times and it went away. The hum wasn't like crazy loud but it was definitely coming from the inside of the amp. It seems to happen when the unit is turned off and back on again after a decent amount of playing time. Also I've noticed this amp gets pretty damn hot even when playing at fairly low volumes. I've yet to see the fan spin at even a half decent speed yet. Does it take a lot of heat for it to kick in or what?
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    yeah you've got a fan problem. If you're handy with this sort of thing, you can fairly easily crack the case open, and apply a tiny but of lube to the fan bearing. I reccommend hair clipper oil. If you're not comfy with this sort of thing, call the GK sales and service number and ask for GENE LOPES (like "slopes"). He's them man, and he'll get you a new one straight away..
  3. Wow, that sucks. It's brand spanking new... *sigh*
  4. store warranty?
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    According to their manual, the fan isn't always on. only at higher volumes when it gets hotter.

    Just take it back man...
  6. I do have a store warranty, and I would take it back but it took me the shop about 4 months to get the amp, so I don't really want to wait for a new one. I'm waiting on a response from Gene at GK, so I'll have to just hang tight.
  7. Well no more hum. I turned it on and the light went red and instead of chagning to blue, it faded to nothing, and know it's totally dead.

    I'll definitely be taking up that store warranty now. First no power cable or manual, now this. Good work GK.
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    What type of cab (ohms) and cable are you using? You by chance weren't using a guitar cable to hook the head to the cab were you?
  9. I'm not an idiot. I was using heavy gauge speaker cable with an 8 ohm cabinet.
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    Was it new? Mine came with manual, power cord and rack ears all sealed in a box. Sounds like that one might have been a recycle.
  11. Well I had to wait 3 months for it to ship from the States, so it was supposedly 'brand new'.
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    Dude no one called you an idiot! I asked you a simple question because not enough info was given about the cab you were using. FWIW you can use 18 guage lamp cord for you speaker cab!
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    No power cord, no manual... sure doesn't sound like it was brand new. Did you buy it locally? You may want to give the serial # and the name of the dealer to Gene at GK, he may be able to verify if it is indeed a new amp.

    - Ugly.
  14. Sorry man, I really didn't mean to offend. I was just a bit aggrivated after all that.

    Good news though. Took it back to the shop and swapped fuses and works fine now. Haven't heard the hum come back yet either so I'm thinking that might have been the old fuse too. Had to change to a glass fuse as opposed to the stock ceramic cause nowhere sells ceramic 5 amp slowblow's. I've been told this won't cause any problems.

    I may check the serial no. with Gene just to be sure. I got it shipped from GK (US) to the Australian distributor then to the music store. Surely they can't send out refurbished units as new ones. :meh:
  15. Good to hear its fixed.

    The fans on new GK's run on a thermostat basically. The fan only works really hard if you're pushing the head hard and only runs lightly when running at low volumes.

    GK's rule.