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    First and foremost, I want to apologize for the terrible picture quality - the space I used to take these has less than optimal lighting, so I had a hard time. Also, I suck with cameras. Anyway, I actually love a number of these guitars and was hesitant to list them, but in the end I bit the bullet.

    I'm open to sell almost any of these if you're interested, but I'm primarily after trades - straight across, plus or minus cash, several of mine for yours, several of yours for mine, etc.. I'm open to guitars, basses, amps, gear, etc.. Mostly guitars, though. Primary interest is in Mayones Regius' or other Mayones guitars! Also Amfisound, but I doubt that will happen.

    If you're at all interested in any of this, feel free to PM or e-mail me - I'm very easy to work with and always like making acquaintances, even if we can't strike a deal: [email protected]

    Description: Jackson DK2MQ - chlorine burst - 9.8/10 condition

    For some reason, I wrote these and similar Jacksons off for the longest time, under the assumption that they were sub-par. I seriously have played this more recently than most of the other guitars I have. Everything about it feels solid and gets the job done - the action is low, it stays in tune, it sounds great, and it's very smooth and comfortable to play. Basically a fancy looking workhorse.

    No real flaws, except maybe some minor surface swirling.

    Modifications: None

    Accessories: Hardshel case, trem arm, etc.

    Price: $700 - looking for trades



    Description: Parker USA DF-422FR - 9.9/10 condition

    I think these must be Parker's best kept secret, and maybe even one of the best kept USA-made secrets period. Before picking this up, I assumed it was a cheap knock-off bastardization of what Parker once was... and I was very, very wrong. The neck is amazing, the neck joint is amazing, the frets are amazing, etc.. It sounds super punchy and clear, weighs next to nothing, has stainless steel frets, and looks badass (in my opinion). I can't find anything wrong with this, other than that I wish it had a Gotoh floyd (considered modifying it, actually).

    In any case, here it is up for grabs. There's basically no wear on it, with the exception of maybe the smallest thing that I just can't seem to find anywhere on it.

    Modifications: None

    Accessories: Softshell case, trem arm, etc.

    Price: $800 - looking for trades



    Description: Ibanez Prestige FR-1620 - red - 9.6/10 condition

    The color looks really washed out below, but its actually a much tamer and ordinary red, rather than the pink/orange color you see in the pictures.

    The quality is what you can expect from a nice Prestige. Awesome as always. I don't know if there is anything cooler than a super tele, other than a Prestige super tele.

    This has at least one very small ding (if there are others, they're too small or minor to see), and some light surface scratching otherwise. There is a small, very minor amount of fretwear on a few frets, but nothing that will need any sort of attention anytime soon.

    Modifications: None

    Accessories: Hardshell case (far right latch is broken)

    Price: $850 - looking for trades



    Description: Ibanez Prestige RG-2228 - 9.7/10 condition

    Another cool Prestige. I've had a number of these and they seem to be very consistent. The neck on this one seems to be particularly comfortable and sturdy. The EMG X pickups absolutely bring this guitar to life, where as the originals always sort of bored me.

    As far as I can tell, there is just one minor clear coat flaw alone the treble side of the top edge, and just a bit of pick hazing in the usual spot.

    Modifications: EMG X series pickup set

    Accessories: Hardshell case

    Price: $1300 - looking for trades



    Description: Paul Reed Smith CE-24 - red - 9.4/10 condition

    A lot of tone in this guitar, and a very beautiful top/color that looks brown and lame in the pictures (the lighting here/my camera skills are seriously lacking).

    There's some minor wear photographed, and otherwise just some light surface stuff. Its not mint, but its really very clean for one of these. Well, its very clean for any guitar, really.

    Modifications: None

    Accessories: Hardshell case, tags, trem arm, etc.

    Price: $1400 - looking for trades



    Description: Strictly 7 Cobra 6 Custom - 9.9/10 condition

    This guitar is only two or three months old. It was custom ordered by a guy I know, and he was used to a different neck profile so I took it off his hands. Despite what has been said about Strictly 7, this is a surprisingly great sounding and playing guitar. The neck is on the bigger side, but its also flat, so it makes for a cool, different sort of feel.

    Macassar Ebony fretboard
    Maple neck-through construction
    Alder wings (I think... might be ash.. the tone is somewhere in between)
    Seymour Duncan Nazgul/Sentient combo
    Hipshot hardtail bridge

    The only thing that you might consider a flaw is that there is some super minor over-spray in a couple of parts. You will have a hard time finding it, as its not obvious, but it is there.

    Modifications: None

    Accessories: Hardshell case

    Price: $1500 - Looking for trades



    Description: Washburn WM-526 = black - 9/10 condition

    The only reason this is up here is because I have two of them and am curious as to what I can trade it away for. I'm not sure which one I would want to part with, but this is the most recent addition, so its up here first. For that matter, I could maybe give you your pick if it makes a difference.

    In any case, these are the among the very best shredders ever made by anybody, and its a shame that they are no longer possible to order. There's very very few of them to begin with, and I know several collectors, so they're usually very hard to find.

    For those not in the know, these were made when American Music Corp. owned both Washburn and Parker. The neck is a legitimate Parker neck (carbon fiber/whatever neck with stainless steel frets and all) on a more traditional super strat body... its a match made in heaven, and if you ever decided that you loved Parker necks but wish they had a more Jackson like neck-profile and build, then you just need this.

    There is some very minor scuffing and surface marks in a handful of places, but its all very tiny. The only thing really worth mentioning is a small chip on the bottom back, courtesy of the mailman.

    Modifications: None

    Accessories: Hardshell case, tags, trem arm, etc.

    Price: $1500 - looking for trades, not particularly interested in selling this one, value is there for reference



    Description: Soloway Swan - 9.4/10 condition

    This is my 2nd encounter with a Soloway, and I don't know how this guy's stuff isn't a much bigger deal. As is common on a lot of his guitars, this one has a 27" scale length (though it somehow feels pretty normal), and is clearly semi-hollow. It sounds absolutely, drop-dead amazing. It has clarity unlike most guitars I can even think of... the neck is super amazing too, and is a true joy to play on. I'm now really curious to get my hands on some of the other stuff Jim has made.

    Anyway, outside of some really minor surface scratches and such, the only real flaw is two clear coat abrasions on the volute from hanging on a guitar stand. Its just a cosmetic thing, as your hand doesn't venture there while playing. I've seen it happen to a lot of Gibsons too, for some reason.

    Modifications: None

    Accessories: Deluxe Softshell Soloway case

    Price: $1700 - looking for trades



    Description: Ibanez Prestige FR-6UC - 9.9/10 condition

    These were new for 2014, and is the first time in a LONG time that Prestiges came with ebony fretboards, and the very first time they every came stock with BKP pickups. The combination of the BKP Aftermaths, ebony fretboard on a thin bolt-on neck, mahogany body, and the tight-end bridge makes for a really articulate, punchy, clear guitar. I was super excited when this model was announced, and I do love it, but now I want the Les Paul shaped model, and the RGD-7UC.

    No flaws on this one - the only thing that makes it imperfect is the slightest amount of shine on the satin finish, but even then I think that can be easily remedied.

    Modifications: None

    Accessories: Hardshell case, trem arm, etc.

    Price: $1800 - looking for trades



    Description: KxK Sii-7 - Green Marble - 9.8/10 condition

    I had this one listed, traded it away, traded back for it after missing it, and now I'm trading it away again... presumably because I'm temperamental or something. Of all of the the KxK's I've had, this one sounds and plays the best. Super resonant guitar, and very very lightweight. The KxK pickups are particularly impressive (by the way, the volume knob is a push-pull to switch between pickups).

    Modifications: None

    Accessories: Hardshell case

    Price: $2500 - Looking for trades



    KxK Photos by AdamOfAngels | Photobucket

    Description: Suhr Carve Top Standard - cherryburst - 9.9/10 condition

    This is one of six guitars supposedly made for the 2007 or 2008 NAMM show, but I was unable to dig up any info to verify that. In any case, it's just about like new and has very little play time. Absolutely gorgeous guitar. Mahogany neck and body, thick maple top, jumbo frets, 60's Vintage C neck profile, Wilkinson tremolo, locking tuners, etc.. I think its the highest quality Suhr I have touched, and it both sounds and plays ridiculous (the acoustic tone is super loud and projects really well).

    Modifications: None

    Accessories: Hardshell case

    Price: $3000 - Looking for trades



    Archtop Photos by AdamOfAngels | Photobucket

    Location: Mt. Pleasant, PA

    International OK?: Yes

    Contact: PM or e-mail: [email protected]

    References: A lot from, rig talk, the gear page, talk bass, harmony central, jemsite, etc.
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    Hey ! they're not basses !

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    He has this posted in the "For Sale: Other Stuff (not bass related)" forum.

    Nice guitars, I'll forward this to one of my buddies who is a bit of a gear-head.
  4. Jackson and CE-24 are now gone, everything else is still here.
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    Did you get my message regarding my GJ2 Glendora trade?
  6. Just got it now, let me think it over.
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  10. Ok, so what's left is:

    Ibanez FR-1620
    Ibanez RG-2228
    Ibanez FR-6UC
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    Wow. That Soloway Swan looks intruiging. Is it a warmer sounding guitar?
  14. ^ it's actually very piano like. Full tonal range, and very clear and vibrant.

    Also, Ibanez FR-6UC is gone now.
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    Is the parker still for sale? and do you ship to belgium?
  16. Yes it is, and bump