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    Hey all,

    I'm a guy who plays a wide variety of instruments from oud to mandolin to acoustic guitar to electric guitar to piano to electric bass to fretless acoustic bass.

    I'm building a rig that I can use at any gig and switch between acoustic, electric, or electric bass, that is portable, and sounds great.

    I've decided on the processing elements of my rig (it will sound phenominal- if you're interested in what's in the rack, let me know), but I now have to choose the best speaker configuration for the set up. So far, I've decided that the EA 2x8 cab would be great for both bass and acoustic guitar, and would be very portable.

    In the past, I've actually been using my friend's bass 2x12 (home made, with huge EV speakers) and it sounds great for guitar. I figured something like an Epifani 1x12 would be both great for bass and good for heavy playing on guitar.

    Would anyone recommend against 12" bass cabs for guitar?
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    Sad to say, the Euphonic Audio VL-208 cabinet has been discontinued and hasn't been available at the warehouse for a few months. However, the VL-108, 110, 210, and 310 are still available, though are also being closed out. IME they are all pretty neutral and suitable for a wide range of instruments, such as your array.


    EA has a CXL 1x12, with coax horn like the other CXL series, which should be available late this month; I played bass through it at NAMM, and if it follows the EA philosphy should also be pretty neutral, but you may want to aim for a 110 for the richer mids-- assuming the 1x12 is a little darker.

    My experiences owning twelves starts with my first amp, an Ampeg SB-12 (vintage today) which I wouldn't recommend for anything but bass (at low volumes), and an Eden 2x12xlt. The latter is a nice cab, but quite large and seemed to grow "sloppy" with time - lost its tightness and articulation. But that isn't meant to reflect on all twelves, of course. I know the tens in my VL-210 are quite tight and responsive.

    I'm definitely an EA guy, having been playing EA cabs for well over a year, and having recently become a dealer (and feel free to question my objectivity, though I don't sell stuff I don't like -- and of course there are other EA dealers from whom you can snag cabs). Depending on your needs, I'd aim at one of the VL series that are still available in order to have the midrange drivers for some of your instruments, perhaps a pair of VL-110 cabs, for the most flexibility.
  3. The Aguilar GS112 cabinet is phenomenal, and unlike EA or Epifani stuff the price is quite reasonable ($500 MSRP). It's tiny and yet it pumps out an enormous amount of bass--I was slapping a Stingray 5 through it yesterday (big bottom) and nary a fart came through, which is something I can't even say for my Eden 2x10s.

    http://www.aguilaramp.com if you're interested. I'd like to check out their 2x10s and A/B them with my Edens.