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12-year old drummer

Discussion in 'Off Topic [DB]' started by nicklloyd, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. nicklloyd

    nicklloyd Supporting Member/Luthier

    Jan 27, 2002
    Cincinnati, Ohio
  2. EBMatt


    Nov 21, 2003
    Springfield, MA
    ***!!!!!! Holy @#$&!!!! That is completely ridiculous. :eek:
  3. ryco


    Apr 24, 2005
  4. Blueszilla

    Blueszilla Bassist ordinaire

    Apr 2, 2003
    The Duke City
    Wow! Did you see...uh...Wow.
  5. enyapj18


    Jul 23, 2005
    Asheville, NC
    WOW, he did the one thing i didn't was possible for a drummer. He was able to play softly. :D

    That was amazing to watch.
  6. He is like 22 now. He has been studying with Dennis Chambers since he was like 8. A friend of mine has an instructional DVD by him that is pretty recent. He is incredible. It is still fun to watch him when he was young. It is amazing.
  7. nicklloyd

    nicklloyd Supporting Member/Luthier

    Jan 27, 2002
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Thanks for that update... I did not know this video was 10 years old.
  8. Cambass123

    Cambass123 Supporting Member

    Dec 22, 2005
    Indeed...truly amazing....I actually had the privilege to meet him in Knoxville, TN. He had a drum clinic at the Guitar Center in Knoxville. Absolutely phenomenal to watch in person as well as an absolutely phenomenal personality. By far one of the nicest people I have ever met.
  9. Farin


    Oct 19, 2004
    Akron, Ohio
    I used to play with a kid by the name of Steve Renko who was pretty close to this kid at the age of 12. He's now 16.
    Billy Norris and other Grammy Jazz cats know what I'm talkin bout.
  10. BassyBill

    BassyBill The smooth moderator... Gold Supporting Member

    Mar 12, 2005
    West Midlands UK
    Wow. I'm stunned.
  11. Sippy


    Aug 1, 2005
    OKay.. explain to me WHY he is NOT the greatest drummer in the world!!! geez! not only can he solo but he had some really swinging beats down too!
  12. SBassman


    Jun 8, 2003
    Northeast, US

    He's my hero.


  13. Christopher


    Apr 28, 2000
    New York, NY
    That does it. I'm starting my kids out on drums at 2.
  14. Thanks for the video. The kid is pretty good. I think the video is a bit outdated
  15. Tbeers


    Mar 27, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    I've had this video for a couple months now and I tend to watch it pretty frequently. My favorite part is the groove that he hits starting around 6:10. Amazing....
  16. SBassman


    Jun 8, 2003
    Northeast, US
    Pretty good?

    Low blood pressure, ay? :)
  17. westland


    Oct 8, 2004
    Hong Kong
    I've got to show this to my son (a 12 yo drummer as well)
  18. DAMN! I need to play with that guy
  19. scottbass

    scottbass Bass lines like a big, funky giant

    Jul 13, 2004
    Southern MN
    Quite a lot of talent!

    Now, I mean no disrespect to anyone whatsoever. As far as I know this young man developed into a skilled and accomplished drummer. At least he seemed to have all the tools to do so. However, this video is a seven minute drum solo with NO other instruments. I'm sure we have all known musicians - drummers, bassists, etc., not just drummers - who could solo like a genius but were incapable of playing with other musicians in a band setting.

    I'm not in any way suggesting this young man isn't very skilled, but it sure would have been nice to have him play along with the studio band. They could have started on some upbeat jazz/rock tune, he could have thrown those great fills in where they belonged, and they could have still featured a four minute drum solo in the middle of the piece, ending with the band coming back in and some more fabulous fills on the way to a big ending.

    I certainly would have enjoyed that more than an unaccompanied seven minute solo, and it would have demonstrated that this fine young man is capable of playing in ensemble as well as solo.

    Like I said, I am in no way disrespecting his awesome skills, just expressing my opinion on what would have made this an even more enjoyable (for me) seven minute clip.
  20. I see what you're saying Scottbass, and although he probably can hold his own with other musicians, I'd like to see him in that setting, not to prove his worth but it would be more enjoyable to me.