12AX7 preamp tube differences?

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  1. abarson


    Nov 6, 2003
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    I recall seeing on a different forum a comparison test of different 12AX7 tubes in a guitar preamp, and was wondering if anyone had done such a shootout for a hybrid bass amp? Tube selection is supposed to have a lot of influence on clarity, harmonics, etc.

    I'm also curious about whether the 12AX7 can be replaced with a 12AU7, and what the expected change would do?
  2. Simon Langley

    Simon Langley

    Jun 19, 2007
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    This is something I am also curious about, subscribed.
  3. Steve


    Aug 10, 2001
    I think....the AU will have a lower gain. I'm sure a guru will show up soon.

    Yeah, you can hear a difference. IF your rig has enough resolution. Most don't. A lot of cabs are scooped around the frequencies where you would hear a difference.

    Put something SWR on top of an Acme cab and you can definatly hear it.

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    In 30 years of playing, I've never noticed a sound difference in brands of 12AX7's in my amps. But I have noticed a difference in build quality. I tend to stick with NOS on preamp tubes because of that, but if I can't get them, I try to stick with Russian brands.
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    A key issue:
    Some tube preamps are designed in a way where different tubes will have a strong impact on the tone, while others are more subtle, and yet others are designed in a way where there will be no audible difference between tubes. So you can hear a difference between preamp tubes, but only in certain preamps- and a lot of the time the differences will be very subtle.

    There have been a number of bass-amp-specific tube shootouts and "name-your-favorite-tubes" threads here; searching for them may be tricky because the threads I'm thinking of are old, but if you search on certain popular vintage tube brands such as Mullard, Telefunken, Brimar, Tung-Sol, or Amperex you may find a trove of information and opinions.
  6. I've noticed a distinct difference in both the Sovtek 12AX7WA that came stock in my Hartke 3500 and the JJ ECC83s that I swapped it with.

    As I mentioned in another thread regarding the tube pre on the Hartke, to my ears

    Sovtek 12AX7WA: strong bass, louder, but harsher tone.
    JJ ECC83s: weaker bass, softer, but smoother tone.

    I eventually chosen the JJ ECC83s and compensated for the weaker bass using EQ and softer volume by turning up the volume knob.
  7. lavmonga


    Jul 27, 2007
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    I've also noticed different tones and volume levels when changing 12ax7's in my Mesa MPulse600. I had the original Russian Mesa tubes in and swapped them out for Sovteks. It's strange but I had the complete opposite reaction in my amp than Marill had above. The Sovteks put out a weaker output, the clarity was there, but instead of getting the volume I wanted at 3 or 4on the dial, I had to juice it up a bit more. I switched back to Mesa Russians (which are terribly overpriced) but I got my sound back loud and clear.
  8. then i guess if you ever tried the JJ you may find them even softer...