-12db pad?

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  1. does anyone know if theres maybe a little magic stomp box out there thats just a level pad? my fender bassman 300 is cursed with only a -6db pad and i'd like to actually have a pad that does something. i know, im lazy

    i've seen some pretty weird stomp boxes before. once there was this one box with a simple in and out and all it had was a knob. pretty sweet.
  2. EQ pedal?

    just thinking out loud, but i wonder if you'd get the same effect by just making a pedal that is just a volume pot, like one off your bass--if its cut only, then it wouldn't even need batteries.
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    FX Doctor makes something like that
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    Couldn't you use any pedal with a level control? A compressor, whatever, just wondering if it's just that easy.
  5. A pad consists of two resistors, you could even build it into a jack plug!

    It might even be reasonably trivial to modify the bassman!
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    If you search for "Ebtech" it will turn up their Line-Level Shifter. That's the closest I have seen to what you are looking for. Good luck.
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    Your amp has 2 gain controls, one called "gain", for the dirty channel, and one called "volume" for the clean channel. Those are really your input pads. The volume for the amp is the Master Volume control.