12th fret harmonics.

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  1. What makes the harmonic at the 12th fret a powerful one? no matter what tuning i'm in with i hit a harmonicat that fret it always to ome out clearer. Is this becuase of the neck?
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    You'll learn a lot more about it when you get into Trigonometry or Physics in a couple years. :)

    It has to do with how you're subdividing the string length. Since the 12th fret is exactly halfway from the nut and the bridge saddle (give to take due to intonation), it rings out loudest. The 7th fret, for example, it one-third of the string length, and the 19th is two-thirds, so they both ring out loud and clear (same pitch due to wavelength), etc etc. You'll learn about it in school, hopefully!