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15" Cab build Sheff's from the TNT combos

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by fnordlyone, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. This a speaker question for a build. For any out there who have heard them… are the Sheffields from the Peavey TNT combo a good speaker? I will be building my own 15" cab soon, and have an opportunity for the Shef 15 from the tnt combo. I play 5 string passive J copy into BDDI into RMX1450 into… anything I want… Will a 1x15 Shef from TNT combo sound good?
    thanks vets!
  2. bthebass


    Dec 8, 2013
    Madison, WI
    Sure a Sheffield will sound fine. If you're getting it free, maybe that's a nice idea. But it's not even Peavey's best driver (Black Widow = much better driver), let alone the top line drivers you could use (Eminence, et al). You need to supply more info, so far you've said, "will a hamburger taste good?" Yes it will.
  3. OP,
    If you run on Windows, download the free version of WinISD Alpha, and learn to play with it.

    Peavey drivers are very sturdy and well made.
    Many are user-serviceable with replacement parts.
    I find most Peavey drivers require large boxes for optimal alignments.

    Yes, all can be squeezed into smaller boxes.
    This is where WinISD can help you predict the outcome.

    The trick to ISD is using the built-in Help function that specifies the order to enter parameters for a new driver.
    If you do not follow the specific order for entering T/S data, you will tear your hair out fighting with ISD.
    Once you have the driver entered in the database, you can sim as many cab designs as you have time to play.

    This is much less painful than making a SWAG, building the cab, only to find out it really sucks.
  4. BbbyBld


    Oct 13, 2005
    Meridian, MS
    That speaker was most likely made by Eminence. Which TNT did it come out of? I could possibly provide T/S parameters.
  5. The seller says it came out of the 115S TNT combo.