15" Wedge - horn or not

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  1. Building a 15" wedge at the moment ( running an Eden WTX500). See -

    After some good advice I have bought a -


    but should I also buy a horn for this project as well?
    The Bugaera, being aluminium, had that Hartke type cutting top end but the frequency range on the Eminence is 35Hz-1.2kHz - enough bottom end but the cut off for the upper ranges ( ie: up to around 14khz) concerns me.
    Normally on my Eden cabs I roll off most of the horn with the attenuator so maybe I will be OK.
    But some advice on this would be great.
    I have a -
    which I can use but will need to mount it in the space next to the WTX500 (see thread link above) as the cabinet doesnt have the room for it - does the horn need to be specially ported if not in the actual cabinet? or can I just make a plywood box for it and then mount it in the enclosure?
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    Anyone used single 15's with no horn in a smaller enclosure?
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  4. I'd do w/o it but leave room in the cab to add it later if you decide you need it. It doesn't need a special cabinet (no porting for example). Just needs to be secure, protected, and as close to the woofer as possible.