1590a / Small Parametric EQ / Preamp suggestions ??

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  1. Hey everyone,

    The way my board is set up, i currently blend two preamps in parallel, one set very FAT and punchy and one very THIN and overdriven/grindy, when combined these give me my favourite bass tones ever, but sometimes i want access to a nice NORMAL bass tone which i can blend with these other preamps,

    The mixer pedal i use has space for a 3rd input, but my board is very low on space, after trawling around the forum, i decided on picking up a OneControl Sonic Silver Peg to fit in my last space, this seemed like it would give me great clean tones to blend in with my other preamps - i'm sure this is a great pedal but it just didn't work well in my setup, I could not coax a nice sound out of it and it will be going back to Thomann, out of frustration i pulled out my old Boss Pq3-b Semi Parametric EQ to compare, and this thing is just perfect as a clean preamp, blends in perfectly with my other preamps and has plenty of level available - BUT IT DOESN'T FIT

    this is the space i'm working with, i think semi parametric would work best with me as i can hone in on the freqs that work best with my bass, i just cant seem to find any options?

    Is there anything special about this old boss Pq3b? is it a standard Semi Parametric circuit? surely there is a smaller offering by now?

    sorry for the ramble guys.

    TLDR: Need a small/1590a preamp, OneControl Sonic Silver Peg wasn't my vibe, Boss PQ3b is perfect but too big, suggestions?

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    Mooer has a couple of 1590a micro preamp pedals and some EQs, but I don’t think any are completely parametric, and I don’t know how they are on bass. That said they’re cheap (price wise) so it might be worth trying some out. You may want to check out the 1590a megathread here; Post your 1590a (tiny pedals) pedalboard

    There’s a company called Becos that makes a mini pedal called the Solo Boost Master that does have quite a few EQ options for such a tiny pedal. No idea how it sounds on bass though.

    Since it looks like you’re already in England, you may want to hit up your mate Max at [sfx]:home He makes what many would argue is the highest quality mini pedals on the planet, and possibly pedals of all sizes. Last I knew he was still doing custom work too. I’ve had several of his products over the years and they were all worth the price and the wait.

    Good luck!
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    May 28, 2019
    Honestly if I was giving the choice between the absolute perfect bass tone for me or to compromise on that in favor of keeping my current pedal board it would be stunningly clear to me to chose to keep my perfect bass tone and let go of my current pedal board and get one slightly bigger instead.

    What is it you love so much about your current board that you are willing to sacrifice your tone to keep it, or what makes it impossible for you to have room for a just 2" wider pedal board?

    I don't quite understand this.

    So my advice would be to keep your current setup that gives you the tone of your dreams, and use the money you plan to buy a pedal that could give something in the ballpark, but in all likelihood not quite spot on, to buy a just slightly bigger pedal board instead.
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    Well then he'll have to fill in way more space.