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1880's North German Bass

Discussion in 'DB Classifieds Archive' started by raisedhead, Apr 21, 2010.

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  1. Offering my circa 1880 North German bass. It is 3/4 size with a combination of great sound and beauty all in one. It is a carved back instrument with lovely varnish and nicely figured maple. This bass was used in the Sacramento and Cincinnati Symphonies by the previous owner for many years. It has a large refined projecting sound on the darker side. It is in remarkably good shape for its age as it has been very well cared for. It has just had a new fingerboard installed and a new bridge and does not need any work. Set up is excellent. Dimensions are:

    String length- 41 7/8
    Length of back- 43
    Width of upper bout- 20 1/2
    Width of lower bout- 25 1/2
    Depth of rib at upper bout- 7 7/8
    Depth of rib at lower bout- 8 1/4

    This instrument is worthy of any orchestra and would also be an exceptional instrument for other styles as well. Asking 19.5K. I will consider taking a 1930’s Gibson Mastertone banjo in partial trade.

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