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18v Active Bass Through Pedal Chain?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by awj03130, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. awj03130


    Feb 7, 2012
    Anyone have any advice on running 18 volt active electronics through a pedal chain?

    I'm playing a hotrodded Ibanez SR755 with bart NTMB (in 18v config) and bart USA pups through a hand-built tube distortion (running a 12AU7) and a BDDI. I typically run quite a lot of mids with some bass and song-dependent amount of treble (usually cut a bit)

    I'm thinking about adding some more effects, but I was wondering if there's a good way for me to use the tube pedal as a sort of "preamp." Unfortunately, I'm already at the lowest gain settings on that box. And, if I add some effects, I'm a little worried about burning out the boxes running that much gain into them.

    Are there any good options besides flipping the active/passive switch?:help:
  2. First off, you won't damage any pedals by running a slightly hotter signal into them. If the bass has a really hot output (not all 18v basses do) then you might get more overdrive than you wanted from the tube pedal, or unwanted distortion from other pedals.

    If the tube pedal is hand built, is it easy to add an input pad to cut the volume going into the first gain stage? The DHA VT1 tube pedal has an input pad knob for this exact purpose.
  3. Everything danny buoy said adds up. I run 9v active basses and a lot of my pedals don't play well with them, but that's because fort clean tone I used to love goosing the bass and treble (Warwick Thumb5 and Corvette6).

    I learned in the past few months that a little goes a long way, and let the amp/pedal combo do the majority of my boosting. Allows for a tidier signal both live and in the studio. Also just simplifies things between bands with different demands. I typically leave the active preamp flat-ish or "bypass" it. (I say bypass in quotes because it still draws from the battery and affects the tone in a minimal way.)
  4. I venture that a instrument preamp that overdrives everything is a big waste of time. My Fender is 18v, it's only a hair hotter active rather than in passive mode. End of day it's supposed to play nice with any preamp.

    If it is a problem turn down, or pad it with something else, or mod the pre so it calms the hell down.