No longer available 1953 Martin D-18

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    I am selling my prized and rare, 1953 Martin D-18 'Mystery-Top" guitar. It is the best sounding guitar I have ever played but I rarely pick it up anymore . It has the volume, the bass, and the shimmering chimes up the neck. A true tone monster. When I purchased it, it came with a set of newer Kluson tuners that were not correct for this guitar. I found an original set of "1 year only" 1953 Klusons and paid $500.00 for them. The guitar has had some diamond inlay installed in the past on the fingerboard. Very well done. I also think the top was oversprayed a long time ago but I am not 100% sure. The body and neck finishes are 100% original to the best of my knowledge. The pickguard is a replacement. The strap button was moved from the heel of the neck to the treble side of the heel. There are 6 holes on the back of the peghead that were filled in the past from where different tuners were installed. I can only find one old crack repair anywhere and it is on the treble side of the neck on the top next to the fingerboard. New frets have been installed and all divots in the fingerboard were filled. It plays really nice although the action is on the high side, which I prefer. It will need a neck re-set if you want low action. The saddle could be lowered some but that may affect the volume and tone . This guitar has been well played. It is covered in scratches, dings, finish loss, etc from being played. The neck is glorious to play. The V neck is worn and feels like an old friend. No distracting dents , etc... If you are reading this, Im sure you know the value and desirability of the 1953 mystery top 18's. They rarely come up for sale. Once you play and hear it, you will know why. I have it priced at $6000.00 and it comes with a new Martin deluxe 6 latch, leather handled, archtop hardshell case. I would consider a vintage Fender Jazz or P bass in trade. Call or text me at 817-714-11 one five if you would like to demo this guitar. Thanks!
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