SOLD 1958 Gibson EB-2N

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    Here is a rare and absolutely beautiful EB-2N from Gibson. This is from the first year of production, 1958, and is in the particularly hard to find natural finish.

    This bass is in excellent condition for its age, with some minor chips around the headstock, a small chip on the bottom bout, and some very small dings on the back of the neck that can't really be felt with the hand but can be seen. The finish has the standard checking that you'll find on any nitro finished guitar of this vintage. I tried to capture it in the photographs but it was difficult.

    The bass is completely original, including the original frets, which only have a small amount of wear. The original pickguard is included, as is the original hard shell case. The case is pretty worn (as shown) but still seems to be sturdy enough to be functional.

    There are two holes above the bridge which may have been for a mute, which is not included.

    The bass plays nicely with low action and is currently strung with flats.

    Asking $5,500 OBO.

    Please feel free to ask me any questions and don't be afraid to shoot me an offer. Thanks for looking!
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    Dang, man! That is something else. Wish I had the coin. Good luck with the sale!