SOLD 1960's Japanese Jazzmaster Style Guitar

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    This guitar can be played as is and could also be a potential restoration project if you enjoy working on guitars.

    The nameplate is gone from the headstock. Looking at lots of vintage Japanese guitars, based on the specific combination of details like the neck plate, string tree, truss rod cover, and the nameplate mounting hole locations on the headstock, the best guess I can make on an original brand name is Crestwood.

    However, that brand is somewhat shrouded in mystery, as are many aspects of vintage Japanese guitars. There's no one single Crestwood manufacturer or product line. Seems like the use of the name was retailer driven and put on various guitars made in various factories as the demand arose.

    The original finish has been fully stripped. The current finish looks and feels like a wiping varnish or poly. The neck and body are Phillippine Mahogany. The body is a 5 ply sandwich with face, back and center veneers and two 1/2" thick solid plies on either side of the center ply.

    There are telltale signs of the factory finish remaining around the cavities which can be used as a guide if you want to recreate a rendition of the original paint scheme to achieve a more period correct look.

    The electronics are in working order. The Rhythm / Solo switch on the lower horn can be intermittent but everything else is fully functional.

    The guitar will need some grounding and shielding. It may have never had proper shielding based on the appearance of the cavities. Having a metal pickguard definitely helps the cause in that department.

    Recently restrung with fresh strings if you want to just plug and play.

    The tuners are mix and match. I'm not sure if any of them are original. Using photos of vintage guitars and the mounting hole locations as a guide should help identify tuners that are close to or exact replacements for the original tuners.

    This will ship carefully packed in a utility grade gig bag.

    $150.00 plus shipping to CONUS addresses. Thanks for checking out the listing.

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    Nov 27, 2004
    Forgot to get a weight on this. It weighs 7 pounds.