SOLD 1961 Ampeg B15 Fliptop Bass Cab, No Head, Random Flair, Altec 418B 15" Speaker

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  1. vintagio


    Oct 8, 2017
    $850 shipped Fedex, Paypal.

    More pics on Reverb:
    1961 Ampeg B15 Fliptop Bass Cab, No Head, Random Flair, Altec 418B 15" Speaker

    Here's a very rare Ampeg B15 Fliptop cab - the models before '62 had the lovely "random flair" tolex (prior to blue diamond), and a more classic grill cloth. This also has the desired double-baffle, which switched to single-baffle in '65. Amazing 50 year old blue leather handle, and original logo.

    This is a loaded cab only, no amplifier head. It's ready to go as an extension cab, or is ready to mount a B15 head, shockmounts ready to go. Need help with that? Let me know!

    • Cabinet: Original logo! The original grill cloth is in excellent condition, only minor tears. The cab is VERY clean and solid, No rattles. Amazing 50 year-old blue leather Ampeg handle, hand restitched for full service. Original latches excellent. New gasket to ensure a tight fit for the lid. The lid has nice new shock mounts, ready to mount your B15 head. Includes a repro tilt-rod, which requires a head to tilt properly. Original Ampeg label in very good condition. Fresh new cab insulation in back (trust me, you want this!).
    • Speaker: I've restored 25 Fliptops, and have tried many speakers, and yes I love the thump of a square magnet CTS, but... THE speaker to go with is the Altec 418B, and this one is in beautiful condition. Warm, articulate, wonderful in every way. 8 ohms, and at 100 watts, plenty of headroom. Anything you plug into it sounds FANTASTIC, bass or guitar, especially a baritone! Your jaw will drop at the glorious tone. 1/4" jack for standard access.
    • Tolex: The tolex is all buttoned up, no loose ends, but with a manly scruff about it. As in, this is not a pristine cab, but I painstakingly micro-spliced in tolex from the bottom improve the overall covering. See the pics. The very bottom is black levant tolex, blends in well.
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