SOLD 1964 Ampeg B15-N FlipTop Bass Amp - Beautiful, Serviced, Orig CTS 15" Speaker, All Vintage Glass

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    Oct 8, 2017
    Please see the Reverb listing for more pics and detail... link:

    $1995 + $149 ship - PayPal

    1964 Ampeg B15-N

    This is my 21st Ampeg B15 FlipTop restoration, and it is a specimen. 1964: 411226 code. Sought-after double-baffle cab. Original CTS 15" speaker, with Ampeg logo. All vintage tubes tested strong (Mullard, JAN Philips, Ampeg/Sylvania). Excellent tolex and grill, original metal and plexi logos. Functionally flawless after detailed service by one of the Southeast's top vintage amp techs.

    The Ampeg B15 Fliptop is the Holy Grail of classic bass amps, found in countless studios. This one will NOT disappoint. This is a classic, lifetime-keeper amp. I ship the head and cabinet separately, both VERY well packed, to ensure safe arrival.

    Buying vintage gear from me is a unique experience... I specialize in vintage Ampeg amps, and have restored twenty-one B15 Fliptops and dozens of other vintage amps. I have tons of amazing ebay and reverb feedback from happy customers.

    • TONE: Amazing, thanks to the CTS 15", vintage glass and double baffle cab. Pro tip: Channel 1 is great, Channel 2 even better.
    • TUBES: All vintage glass, tested strong: British-made Mullard rectifier, matched JAN Philips 7581's and original Ampeg/Sylvania pre's. Great tubes are key to your tone.
    • SPEAKER: The original 1964 15" CTS square magnet, 137-444, with Ampeg logo. Warm, beefy and defined tone. This is "the" classic B15 speaker, I've tried them all. Original speaker harness and 4-pin Amphenol connector.
    • TOLEX AND GRILL: The original grill-cloth is near flawless. Tolex is Excellent: only minor scuffs, nothing loose. I micro-spliced in 1960's original tolex on portions of the bottom, see the pics.
    • CHASSIS: The chrome is clean and shiny, mirror-like, almost no tarnish. All original knobs! Original tube cage and plexi logo, which lights up perfectly. The Ampeg schematic under the chassis is in great condition. Faceplate lettering in excellent condition. The tray is solid and clean. New power transformer, which is so well relic'ed you wouldn't have known. This is a good thing: 1/3 of the B15's I've restored have needed new power transformers; no effect on the tone. Shockmounts in excellent condition.
    • CABINET: Has the preferred double-baffle, not offered after 1964. Original metal logo and handle - this is the best-preserved handle I've seen. Cab is very clean and solid, you could serve lunch inside this cab! Original latches work great. New gasket, providing a nice tight fit for the head (these MUST be replaced). New cab insulation - a must, unless you are fond of 50 year-old typhoid dust and germs. Tube chart in great condition. FlipTops repro tilt rod included, with original mounts inside the cab.
    • CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH: Fully checked out by one of the Southeast's top vintage amp techs. Capacitors in fine shape. All tubes tested strong. Cleaned all pots and jacks. 3-prong power cord.
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    Swoon...dream amp.
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    Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!! :thumbsup:
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    covet...covet...covet...did I mention covet?
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    Just wish it could fly over the ocean....
    this beauty would be mine
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    Curious if - and how - you polished the chrome?