SOLD 1964 Fender Jazz Bass neck. 52 years old, NOT a reissue. Lay-Away is OK

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    1964 Fender Jazz Bass neck. This is 52 years old, NOT a reissue.
    Lay-Away is OK

    I have had this for 25 years and have decided that I am likely not going to need or use it.
    The LOGO/decal has been changed. It needs a replacement to look good and be Vintage correct.

    I have NOT ever installed or used the neck, but my feeling is that it is ok. It looks and seems healthy to me.
    The Truss Rod Nut has NOT been buried on this one and the Rod does turn and appears to affect the neck as it should.

    The neck is generally in Very Good condition, there are only a few minor dings here or there with normal signs of wear from usage long ago.
    This is a very dark Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard with Clay Dots.

    The neck has it's Original finish on it, but the ENTIRE neck has also had More Clear Coat Over-sprayed on top of it.
    You can see the overspray on the back of the neck where the original finish wore off and it was sprayed again.
    This is the way it was when i bought it long ago.

    The only hardware you see will be included which are 1964 Original String Ferrules and String tree.
    I do have an Original set of TUNERS and might offer them for sale to the buyer.

    If it Helps anyone, I would consider a Deposit and Layaway, terms to be discussed.

    International Buyers, check with me for shipping quotes.
    $3499 with FREE U.S. Fed-EX Ground Delivery Service.

    Here are MORE photos:
    64 Jb Neck by largeal1
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