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For Sale 1964 Jazz Bass pre CBS original

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by RossMienval, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. RossMienval

    RossMienval Supporting Member

    Oct 29, 2018
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    Armed Forces Others
    This Bass is located in the UK. South of London.

    Almost 55 years old. It’s had quite a life.
    Refinished a few times it has recently been rubbed back. I believe I have reached the first respray. The original factory white still lies beneath.

    Lastest colour Burgundy. Under that green. Under that primer. Under that cream. Under that white?
    See photos. Some places have been rubbed back to wood. Not by me. : )

    Never routed to cut the body is in fundamentally perfect condition

    Original pick ups (rewound in the 1990s)

    Original scratch plate and chrome pick up covers. Bridge and tuning heads from factory.

    Pots have serial numbers from the mid seventies.

    I was considering having this bass resprayed. And got quotes of approx £350.
    Then I thought. I want to sell this bass. Maybe the new own 1. Wants to uncover the original paint. 2. Would like to choose the colour. ??

    This bass is a killer. Plays and sounds like it should.

    Don’t be fooled by copies/ modern relics and imitations.

    This is the real thing. The wood has time on its side and the sound is amazing.

    Will post world wide. You will not be disappointed.
    I bought this bass in 1988 when I was 17. Now I’m 48 I think it needs to be in a fresh players hands.

    Recently set up and ready to play, tour, record.

    NO CASE. : (

    What do you think ?
    No offeres Price firm.

    Thanks for looking.

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  2. Well done ... Doesn't look very different from some of the relicing jobs sold at a premium.

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