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1965 Gibson Thunderbird

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by CanadianBassGuy, Jun 22, 2001.

  1. You can search www.ebay.com
    or www.gbase.com to see what they are selling for these days.

    It doesn't look like a 65 to me, did you mean 95 or maybe 85.

    Here is a 64

    This one is going for $3295.00
  2. Well, I forget what site I saw that it was a 65, but all I know is it's a pretty sweet bass. Wonder if Rich Priske (Matthew Good Band) will let me touch it at the concert next week...
  3. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    Canadian - As gruff implied, that ain't even close to an original T-Bird.

    Just a couple of dead giveaways - black hardware like that bridge didn't come about till roughly 2 decades later.

    The tuning keys are in the style of today's Hipshot/low weight keys. Notice those tuning keys in the Schaller-style that gruff posted.

    Also, the finish is too vivid and crisp to be that old.

    I never owned a vintage T-Bird and, other than the collector value, I don't care to. They were notorious for being fragile and their tone was nothing special at all, (like most Gibsons basses :D ). A friend of mine had one in the 70's that I played a few times and that one lived up to the less-than-flattering reputation. So, be forewarned of the vintage jobs as a bread n' butter bass.
  4. Again I am one of the rare people that still like the T-Bird. Here is a Pic from Gibson that looks like mine. [​IMG]

    I really like the bass and have not had any problems with it then again I wouldn't pay a ton for a "Classic" T-Bird. They are nice basses but like some of the others you really need to spend time with it and see if you like the tone, a Thunder Bird pretty much only sounds like a Thunder Bird. I also may like it because it has less neck dive than the Thumb Bass I play most of the time.

  5. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    gruff - Just to clarify - I wasn't taking a swipe at T's in general. I like the unique style, but my comment about reliability was in reference to only the old ones. I have no idea about those that have been put out since 1980 or so.

    And I agree, the amount of money the vintage ones command relative to their performance is nuts. IMO, those prices are only warranted in terms of their collectible resale value.
  6. RB1 I also don't understand the prices of basses. I was looking for a Classic T-Bird, a 66 non reverse but they all had very high prices and the add always had the line "nery nice neck repair" I am also confused at the prices on Stingrays and Fender basses. I feel that you can still get a classic RIC for a great price, and i don't understand why. Please don't feel that I thought you were burning me, we both have that thing called maturity which enables us to talk without ignorance.
  7. I think the market for vintage Fenders and Gibsons is so over-hyped because of collectors. There are a few guys in Japan who have warehouses full of vintage Fenders and Gibsons, held as investments.

    Honestly, I'd rather not spend $3000 on a bass that's twice as old as I am and needs a lot of repair. Of course, I'm not an upright player... ;)
  8. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    analog - What the Japanese don't realize is that their willingness to pay almost any price for vintage is creating a bubble in their value that will burst at some point. IMO, it won't be a diagonal line that continually trends upwards. Those guys are going to unload them big time as the get into their senior years and create a market glut. It happens all the time in antiques, (and Beany Babies :rolleyes: ).

    A friend of mine is an international commodities trader and sometimes brings this one visiting Japanese "chopper bassist" to our gigs because he "lak di fawnk music." He saw my pre-CBS Precis and offered me $5k on the spot :eek: It was very tempting.

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