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1965 Vox AC50 head + matching 1x15" Vox cab

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by mrjamin, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. mrjamin


    Jul 7, 2004
    Ok, here's the deal.

    I have a 1965 Vox AC50 head and matching cab. Its the solid state rectified version - not as collectable as the pre-65 valve rectifed ones, but more reliable and sounds better.

    Its in very good condition for its age, all the cloths are intact, as is the vinyl apart from scuffs at the bottom of the cab. Its missing one corner protector on the cab (top left at the back), and the handle is no more. In good working order - I replaced all the pots, valves and power cable myself within the last 2 months. I've had a quick check around the wiring, and this thing is wonderfully made. All hand wired on vintage strips. No PCB's in site. The wiring is like nothing i've ever seen, really well laid out and uncluttered.

    Other than the above, its all original components and wiring.

    What about the sound? Its got a really, really warm but defined tone on the normal channel - you can get a massive variety of tone even with just a bass/treble control. The brilliant channel is bright, responsive with heaps of tone. A real gem! Each channel has 2 inputs, lo/hi-z in a round about way.

    The current valves are 2x Svetlana El34's, 3x Edicron ECC82 1x Edicron ECC83. The old valves were nothing special, apart from one original british made mullard EL34 which is part of the deal.

    Before I got it, it was used as a bass rig, but its suited to either bass or bluesy guitar. Obviously, with the 1x15" its very very gutsy.

    I have a rough idea of what its worth, but if you're interested then make me an educated offer on what you've read, and we'll talk some more. I'll try and get some pictures asap!

    I'm based in Reading, Berks, UK - happy to have people round to try it out.

    If you want character references, ask Steve Lawson!

  2. mrjamin


    Jul 7, 2004
    here's a picture - took it with my mobile so it looks ****
  3. mrjamin


    Jul 7, 2004

    price is set at £700 or best offer