SOLD 1966 Ampeg B-15N Portaflex Flip Top Tube Amp- Fully Restored

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  1. BHWS


    Aug 15, 2015
    New York
    Here for sale is a beautiful example of the classic B-15N Fliptop Bass Amp from Ampeg. Serial # 040973 pointing towards 1966. This is the B-15NF Version with fixed bias. This amp has seen a lot of use over the years and has loads of character. One of my favorite details is a stencil on one of the sides from a band named "Prime Concnern". The Tolex has discoloration and wear throughout and the chrome and other metals surfaces show wear. Overall it has a great vintage look. I have done a complete restoration of this amplifier. The speaker is an original CTS square magnet that was professionally reconed at some point in the past (Picture shown was taken before I reglued part of the ring that had fallen off). Additional restoration details below:


    Cosmetic Restoration
    - Tolex touched up and re-glued where needed
    - Two new Feet on bottom
    - New Handle
    - One new shock mount
    - New Gasket

    Electronic Restoration
    - I have recapped the power supply with the best quality components available
    - Bias adjustment pot was added
    - Main amp output and cabinet input were converted to 1/4" for additional flexibility
    - Internal cabinet speaker wire replaced
    - Lamps were modified with a selectable amber/green LED
    - 3 Prong power cord added
    - Death cap bypassed - Ground switch now toggles LED color
    - Existing extra hole in back of amp filled with switch that allows both channels to be paralleled when using the instrument input

    All modifications were performed in a way that is completely reversible. All original parts pulled have been saved and are included in the sale. The output tubes have been replaced with a matched pair of Mesa 6L6GC but the originals are still present. The 6SL7s are all the original Ampeg Branded Sylvanias.

    No dolly included but affordable reproductions are available from Fliptops.

    Also included in the sale is an external bucking transformer box that allows a -3% or -6% AC voltage reduction for use in homes, studios, or performance venues with High AC mains. This amp has been biased and operates best at 117VAC. Operating the amp above 119VAC can result in unwanted oscillations and unnecessary stress on the tubes and transformers.


    Asking $1800 - May be able to deliver to NY, PA, NJ, CT. Open to shipping cross country via UPS or freight. Local pickup in Manhattan always welcome. I have many more detailed pictures and would be happy to answer any questions regarding the restoration/modifications.

    Original Parts.JPG
    Bucking Transformer.JPG
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  2. BHWS


    Aug 15, 2015
    Sold on Reverb for $1500 + Shipping
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