SOLD 1966 Ampeg SB12 Portaflex Fliptop cabinet

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    Up for sale is a 1966 Ampeg SB12 Portaflex Fliptop cabinet.
    I do have the head as I bought the whole amp new a few months back. It sounded great, as expected but I decided to try the head with some of my other 8ohm cabs. I found that it really sounded great with all of them, but I got a little more volume out of it with one of the other cabs, so I am letting the original cab go.
    As you see in the photos, it has a good amount of cosmetic wear but is structurally sound and ready to be turned into a cool little ported 1x12 cab or restored by adding the correct head. Currently it has a practically new Weber 1230-55 12" 8ohm speaker ($120 new before tax and shipping). Sounds excellent with a low to medium power bass amp or any guitar amp. Super articulate, warm, and punchy.
    Asking $200 + approximate shipping to your location or free local pickup in the Orlando area. These are surprisingly compact and lightweight for being a vintage cabinet, so the cost of shippng shouldn't be anything crazy high.
    Might be open to trades and partial trades for basses, guitars, amp heads, pedals, etc.
    Will consider selling the empty cab or just the speaker, but would prefer to just sell them as they are.








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    PM sent.

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