1966 Fender Jazz Bass Dot Neck And Binding

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  1. heres a 66 fender jazz for sale with a beautiful figured and birdseye neck. it is an early 66 as it has dots and binding instead of blocks. it also has the oval tuners. this combination was only available for a very short time. the dots and binding with the figured neck make this bass extremely rare.its all original except for the stripped body finish. the pickguard looks a little too red in the pictures but it is original as well. the only thing changed on this is the tone knob and a refret. all the important stuff like pots,pickups,decal, tuners etc, are original. the truss rod is only screwed in a little less than an 1/8th of an inch. there is still plenty of life left in the truss rod. the upper register is fine as well. the serial number is 143738 and the pots date to early 66. the only reason im selling this thing is to pay for a new fodera. there is nothing wrong with it and it plays and sounds amazing. its on ebay right now but id rather sell it ouside of ebay. check the pics there