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1966 fender stackpole pots and build question

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by stefancaunter, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. my p bass is a 1966 white overspray but original otherwise. tortoiseshell guard white/black/white/tort layers.
    thing is, it has stackpole pots.
    304-6618 on both...
    so april-ish 1966
    i read that cbs got a bunch of cts pots in 1966 so this would be before?
    also the rosewood board has really deep grain (brazil like) and it has a strap pin on the back of the headstock. does that make sense?
    the pickups have this metal plate which i never noticed. the pickups do seem original. anyone seen this?
    i know the neck stamp is may or june 66 but it’s been an embarrassingly long time since i’ve had it off.
    neckplate is 165032 btw
    thanks for any insights
    EACC1494-F7F3-417B-A6B3-0CC6DC250DF5. 65414DFC-963B-4D8D-A0FB-420807D0CBD0. 8AE36454-9940-4130-B095-8CAC887523D5.

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