SOLD 1967 Guild Starfire Bass - Audio added

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    1967 Guild Starfire. Plays and sounds great. Lightweight. The neck is smooth and comfy. Excellent balance on a strap or playing seated. Will split shipping with buyer.

    Short Story: Body, neck, frets and nut are original. Pickups, electonics, bridge, tuners, knobs, headstock front and back plates, strap buttons are non-original.

    When I bought this it was just the body and neck (with frets and nut). It was originally a cherry finished Starfire I with the pickup in the neck position. Someone had taken the finish off ( a little too enthusiastically as you can see) and applied some type of a light finish. The finish is smooth but has some small raised areas that are a little gloopy, but not excessively so.

    The headstock had many small holes from different types of tuners over the years. I had all those filled and sourced a new ebony faceplate/logo from Guild. Much nicer than the usual plastic ones. Work was done professionally at Buckdancers Choice Music in Portland, ME and they put a nice mahogany backplate on the headstock that matches the neck beautifully. Then they installed the Hipshot ultralight tuners.

    I decided to make the bass more versatile and had Buckdancers route for the bridge pickup. I purchased a set of new Guild Bi-Sonic pickups that are reverse wound for true humbucking when both pickups are on. The electronics are wired like a jazz bass, volume/volume/tone.

    The bridge is a new Guild harp bridge with wood saddles.

    Scale: 30.5 "
    Width at nut: 1.5"
    Weight: 7 lbs 8 oz
    Neck: Mahogany
    Fretboard: Rosewood
    Body: mahogany with center block
    frets: original and in good condition
    Case: Epiphone that fits it very well
    Strings: TI Jazz flats

    Audio demo is the bass into a REDDI recorded in Logic with light compression and no eq or tone shaping. You'll hear both pickups, neck pickup, bridge pickup with tone full on. Then the same sequence with tone off and then again played with a pick.

    4B712CC1-405C-4832-A5AF-42E251702CE8.jpeg 16E60D28-8156-4797-B5F1-D21DFC8A34AF.jpeg 997F1518-9C4E-4442-A9C8-0DB800B72B30.jpeg 20232966-8265-4720-A074-E920B66D1655.jpeg A1576966-36AA-4E8D-BEDD-94A08E91F4F6.jpeg 83191176-C20A-40E1-97F2-ABD597008E4C.jpeg B09CABA4-96CB-408B-9F02-3451340F3E26.jpeg 507408E5-62F5-4503-8B3D-92BBD42AF108.jpeg 27583AF1-B3B9-486C-855A-9115CFD1039E.jpeg 49C11204-72D9-4312-88FC-293C3DA5CB11.jpeg B59EEE1B-2DF9-43BC-B32C-760C8D86DDD1.jpeg 1F037DA0-0FCB-440F-A2A0-40C82F1B97E2.jpeg 7C43AEB1-12D6-41A7-8BE2-1005B48B58F4.jpeg 7505C145-3A56-4A31-B341-FAF70D72C913.jpeg 0BDD31CA-2B66-4C11-BB6C-5D0BEEA4703E.jpeg E34D753F-3552-4DCC-A6BE-B94B17A08F4B.jpeg 0F37597A-E672-460C-94DC-CE548B15AD4A.jpeg 094EA825-A76C-4AD9-9EE0-38F6725512DC.jpeg 4B750D61-E215-45F2-AAA8-3C9202F0C8BF_1_201_a.jpeg C292E9F3-1D89-4C89-9A3D-0D920B151AC1.jpeg 53430AA1-02A3-42A6-A682-9AD508814775.jpeg 431DC1E3-7773-43BA-BE9B-93C4C2DB0E92.jpeg 853906EE-34FE-40C1-BCA5-AC9DC6DE8F48.jpeg A188F93E-BB87-4688-A80F-17D41F89A7EE.jpeg DE045274-812A-47FF-8742-CC414B8711C6.jpeg 8A753C31-2135-4F9E-9386-3EEA1ED2C0E3.jpeg 36D544D2-F136-406B-8341-E6CBEAC444A1.jpeg A8A65F3D-D19D-4411-B49B-344147A650AE.jpeg 7E05A110-B62A-4298-A83A-498B0B4CABFF.jpeg F0E833C7-20D3-4011-A79C-46F8C3DAF536.jpeg CFD659F2-C5CC-487C-866B-27C9FB9141C8.jpeg 6006E15A-8052-4227-8966-D122ED2185B9.jpeg 425D5E31-B720-4751-8B45-CFCB4AFC0A46.jpeg 5D82B852-6755-4C24-900F-2AE37FC86F6F.jpeg 519CB73A-4C74-408F-84D8-9CA248C92501.jpeg
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    Nov 23, 2008
    Nice job on the restoration!
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    Aug 16, 2011
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    Interested in any trades?
  4. Upfromthesky

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    Feb 11, 2009
    Southern Maine
    I prefer a sale but feel free to run something by me via PM
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    Aug 3, 2010
    Brooklyn, NY
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    I really wish that I had the extra cash. I'm on the coast of NH. That sounds incredible.
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    Aug 16, 2011
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    i feel like this is a stupid good deal i'm shocked no one has grabbed it yet, mods or not.
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    Agreed. Killer deal. If I didn't already have an all original '68 I'd be all over this. Someone is going to get into a vintage Starfire for a song!
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