SOLD 1968 FENDER P/J Stellar Wilkins Re-fin!

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    Okay, where do I begin? First off, Fender did NOT make a PJ in 1968, but as the NECK on this instrument IS INDEED an original '68 neck (oh the rosewood!) and I had to put a title in the top "box", I just went with that.

    In no way am I attempting to "mislead"- my reputation bears that out. But, if you're still with me, read on, and thanks.

    This bass has an old school tone like no other. If Fender DID make a PJ in '68, this would be it for sure.
    When I picked up this bass, it was like a beat up "natural" and knew I was going to send it to Pat Wilkins for a complete refin. When Pat asked me what color I wanted, I told him "well, kinda like Burgundy Mist", but not.
    "Add some grape", I told him, and trusted him to do the rest. His work is second to none, as you know. And man, it is just so original, so luscious, and so cool.

    Body is alder, and weight is right around 9 lbs. Strap buttons are NOT original, they are Dunlops, and function perfectly. The whole bass functions perfectly, come to think of it.

    Controls are the most desirable; V V T, which I've always preferred over the "blend" knob. The pick ups are CUSTOM HAND WOUND by my dear friend and pick up guru, Bobby Popper at TONE MASTER...
    TONE MASTER : HAND CRAFTED GUITAR PICKUPS AND RESTORATION. Bobby is just the best. The pickups that came with the bass which MAY or MAY NOT BE FROM 1968 ARE included.

    I've also installed a solid black pick guard, which looks terrific, and really does give the bass a unique look.
    FYI..the neck socket is solid as a rock, with none of those "cracks" which so often occur in cases like this.

    I've also added illuminated "side dots" which are really functional on poorly lit stages. The also look cool.
    ... FretFX ... Attachable Illuminated LED Fret Markers
    They're simple to install AND use, and even simpler to remove should you care to.

    The tuning key on the "E" string is a bit bent, but almost impossible to see; then only time you'll "sense" it is when you're changing strings-there will be a mild "hiccup". In NO WAY does it affect anything, the bass holds it pitch. The neck is pure Fender, just a great feel.

    From Jaco to Jamerson, this bass captures it all. The original hard shell case is included.

    I can only hope that I have described this bass completely. As I said, my goal is NOT to mislead, and I've tried to be as thorough as possible.

    The bass works perfectly, and sounds even better. The cool factor is "off the chain" to boot.

    Thanks for looking, reading, and responding, should you care to.

    And while I am "at it", here are two other items I have listed for sale...


    For Sale - JAGOWSKY? SADOWGUAR? (read on)

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    I went all white and gold with my Affinity Jazz in Burgandy Mist Metallic. Love that color choice and the all black looks great!!!

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