SOLD 1968 Gibson EB-0 $900 USD OBO

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  1. Green Knight

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    Oct 18, 2016
    Newfoundland and Labrador
    For sale is a 1968 Gibson EB-0.

    The instrument has had two previous owners.

    The headstock, like most one-piece mahogany necks of the period, has had a repair.

    It also has a non original bolt on the bridge mute.

    There are a few nicks and scratches, but overall it's in great shape for an instrument made
    before I was born.

    It’s from either 67 or 68; the serials on the pots run across those two years.

    Picture of serial coming tonight (once I find my little screwdriver) -- the number on the back of the neck is a tad faded. The first three: 6-3-4. Wouldn't wanna hazard a guess about the others without a magnifying glass.

    The wiring looks original, but I can't say for sure.

    Non-locking cables work best with this guy.

    FAT FAT sound, comfortable shape, and lightening fast neck.

    I am no expert when it comes to the physical instrument -- my DIY powers are practically zero -- but I will try to answer any questions as best I can.

    Reason for selling: got an EBMM Sterling, love it to death, can't afford to keep more than one quality bass at a time (huge Tony Levin fan but couldn't fit stubby fingers around Stingray).

    I live in Canada but am willing to ship anywhere by any means at buyer's expense.

    $900 US + shipping OBO

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  2. Alex Bass

    Alex Bass Roy Batty Dreams

    Apr 3, 2016
    Hello, In reference to trades would you be interested in a 1983 Fender Elite Precision bass in Emerald green?
  3. Green Knight

    Green Knight Supporting Member

    Oct 18, 2016
    Thanks for the offer ... I find the P necks too beefy, otherwise I'd seriously consider it.