SOLD 1969 Ampeg B-15N Project

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    Feb 15, 2007
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    I have classic 1969 Ampeg B-15N for sale at a "steal it" price of $400 plus shipping. The main issue is that it needs a power transformer. It does have some cosmetic issues as can be seen in the pictures. It has been working fine up until recently when it started blowing the main fuse. My local tech told me that it has a bad power transformer. These are available through several sources on the web. The cabinet had a new Peavey 15" Black Widow speaker. If you do not want the speaker I will knock $100 off. This would reduce the shipping cost without the added speaker weight. These vintage amps are becoming more sought after as time marches on. This is a chance to get one a great price which could be resurrected for probably less than $300. Local pickup is preferred but I will ship with the buyer paying shipping cost. Asking $400 with the speaker or $300 without. PayPal only if shipped.

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    Shipping to 96001? Without the speaker.
  3. Pm sent
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    Holy smokes!!!