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1969 Fender Jazz Bass with replacement neck

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Irishbass, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. As I live in Ireland this may suit TB'ers in Europe better ( not that I am discouraging any interest from US Tb'ers ). What I am selling is a 1969 Fender Jazz which is basically all original ( body, pups, pots, scratch guard etc) , the bridge was replaced with a badass over 20 years ago and the neck that is currently fitted is a Fender licenced replacement for the original, it features the Rosewood board, blocks and binding that is exactly correct for the late 60's early 70's Jazz basses.
    I dont have and never did have the original neck though the odd one does appear on ebay from time to time. The body was taken down to natural from its original colour during the 70's.....
    The tone of this bass is absolutely killer, Punchy , Fat and Warm just like all late 60's Fenders with some nice growl and zing thrown in. The replacement neck looks and plays great with really nice low action and suits the bass to perfection.
    The reason I am selling is that I need to get a decent 5 string very soon, as I need one for a tour that is coming my way next month. I am open to trade offers in that regard or I will accept a decent cash offer. The bass comes with a very beaten brown 70's hard case that is completely functional.
    I have lots of pic's available for anyone genuinely interested, just send me a PM or an email ( click on my profile ) and I will shoot them on.