1969 Saturn hollow body bass

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  1. hangashore


    Feb 23, 2003
    Hey! After 30 years, I've started playing electric bass again...my wife says it's my "mid-life crisis", but I disagree.... no crisis feels this good. I recently reacquired my first guitar, a 1969 Saturn hollow body electric. It was a cheapie, but all I could afford back then. I got it through mail order (Sears or Eatons...can't remember). That was back in high school. I banged around with a band of friends & cousins for a few years, but gave it up & eventually sold my guitar. I've been bangin' on acoustics ever since, but never played a gig.
    New Year's Eve I was asked to play an upcoming fundraiser & ended up playing with 3 different groups that night!...quite a challenge after 30 years.
    Anyone familiar with the Saturn line of guitars & basses? I suspect the "Saturn" label was manufactured by another company, and marketed through mail order companies. I come up empty with web searches, except for one image labelled "Kingston", which shows a hollow body electric similar to my Saturn.
    Appreciate any info or comments.
  2. It´s probably German brand HOPF. They had a line of hollowbody guitars in the sixties named "saturn".
    You can find a pic of one somewhere in these pages (click "verkaufte")


    I once owned a Saturn 63 guitar. Borrowed it to a friend, who then declined to give it back. Wanted buy it instead.. He said that he liked it´s looks so much that he wouldn´t apart with it..:rolleyes: Got nice cash from it and bought a Hagström 8-string :D

  3. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the bass version is very rare. Only seen once a pic of it in ebay.. It had the exact same body as the Saturn guitar..