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1970 VW bus Parting Out -Albany Or

Discussion in 'For Sale: Other Stuff (Not bass related)' started by A-Step-Towards, Oct 4, 2010.

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  1. I have a pretty clean 1970 VW i got for a killing at 840$ , new clutch , tires recent rebuilt engine. It needed a few minor parts and juding by how much repo parts were I bought another '70 van .

    This other van is ROUGH, the nose is pretty pushed in , rust , old bondo etc. No engine, I used some parts but whatever parts I took I replaced pretty much with parts from mine, so i took cleaner parts off that bus and put them on mine and put the more beat parts on this bus, keeping it still complete.

    Its complete minus an engine and a few other parts, transaxle all there.

    I am willing to sell whole or piece it out, guessing not many people want the shell as the rear is a bondo, rust mess and the front is pretty pushed in.

    If your good with VW's and have or can get an engine for it, it maybe fun to just throw an engine in it and drive it around for 5-10 years before it rots to much to be driven. Did not look to much but the floors seem solid, its the exterior rotted to hell.

    if you want anything let me know, this is pickup only unless its a small part

    Good glass, and alot of the panels are clean.
  2. If you didn't already know about it, you might want to post your Bus over on the TheSamba site.

    Good luck!
  3. I actually just created an account there but thanks for the heads up , juding by the username I am guessing your into VW's as well!

    I am going to post it on craigs, I got the parts i needed and the van was so cheap I can make my cash back by scrapping it , but honestly old VW parts are not easy to find and I would feel horrible crushing useable original parts.

    I am debating using the samba but I think you have to pay a fee.
  4. Well I got this on thesamba now thanks for the tip.

    Also on craigs, going the route of parting it out.

    Willing to ship smaller pieces,

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