1970s ampeg 6x10??

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    Oct 4, 2005
    i am thinking about trading my swr goliath junior III (2x10) and basic two way (1x15) cabs for an ampeg 6x10 that is supposedly from the 70s, however i can't really seem to find much info on it. does anyone know anything about these cabs (not the newer ones..), both in terms of user review as well as specifications? would this seem like a fair trade? i find that the swr's, while definitely good cabs, don't really suit the style of music that i'm currently playing (louder rock music). ideally, i'd like something with decent mids while maintaining the low end to cut through the guitar (which is run through a fender twin and an ampeg vt22). additionally, the idea of having a single cab instead of lugging around two is tipping me towards the 6x10.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I had one for awhile and was constantly on the search for more info about it but most people told me they didn't make a 6X10 in the 70's and that it had to be a modded 8X10. Well I know it wasn't modded and it was defintely a real Ampeg so...your guess is probably as good as mine. Is it actually three sealed sets of 2x10's inside?
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    Oct 4, 2005
    i'm not too sure.. i will check tomorrow and let you know (as that's when i am going to check it out..). you're right, there is very little information on these things, however after a little searching, it seems like it might have been part of the V2 line.. regardless, how does this cab sound compared to others? what was the impedance and power ratings?
  4. I wish thats what the current 610 was like
  5. In my opinion it was/is worlds better than the current 6X10. I never would have gotten rid of it except I just don't do gigs that size anymore and have no need for something so bulky. I gave a local guy a great deal on it so that I knew where it was and who was using it in case I ever want it back. I do not remember what wattage it could handle but it was 8 ohms which causes a problem if you have an old SVT head which does 2 and 4 ohms (I believe the current ones can be set to 8 ohms). I had mine paired to a V4B and it was the best sounding amp setup I have ever had.
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    Oct 4, 2005
    thanks a lot for the information! i will check all of the specs tonight, and try to make a bit of a decision.. the main thing right now is that i'm using a traynor yba-3, which only has a 4ohms output, which shouldn't be a huge deal for the short term but not something i'd feel comfortable with for an extended period.. however i am planning on fixing my GK800rb in the near future, which would allow for impedance matching.

    anyway, thanks again!
  8. Techinically it doesn't cause a problem (I think). BUT it sounded like crap and I attributed that to the ohms issue. Perhaps it was a different reason but the SVT head sounded great when matched properly and the V4B at 8 ohms sounded great with the cab.
  9. Thanks for replying. I only asked because I'm saving up for a svt2pro and my present cab is 8 ohms (svt 1540he) at full range. If it doesn't damage it I can use my present cab until I get a 4 ohms cab.
  11. Check out a used SVT-II if you can, much nicer sounding the the newer 2-pro imo :)

    I was going to say the same, using a higher impedance is a big problem with tube amps, can fry the output transformer IIRC
  12. Thanks to everyone for the replys. So the basic rule with tube is always match cab ohms with output or risk problems with the output transformer.

    One last question. I just remembered that my cab can be used at 2 ohms full range. Is there any difference in the sound the head produces in 2 or 4 ohms settings.
  13. I bought an older yamaha 610 once and the impedience was like 5.4 ohms or something.
  14. Someone might say yes, but, there isnt, just make sure its on the right output or on the switch is at the correct part :)