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  1. Hey Guys, im trying to date a 70s fender jazz bass that has an obscured neck date stamp. Its just too smudged to be readable. When did fender introduce the White blocks on maple necks? Ive seen early 70s fenders with both Black and White blocks and binding on a Maple Fingerboard. The pot codes date them at 1972, the finish is black on the body and the neck has the larger fender logo. It also has a tortoise pick guard.
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    I have a '74 Jazz Bass with maple neck and pearl blocks, 4 bolt neck (this was a transition year to the 3 bolt neck).

    From "The Fender Bass, An Illustrated History" (Hal Leonard, Black/Molinaro authors):

    "1974/1975 - the thumbrest is moved to the bass side of the body. ...maple necks are given pearl block inlays and white binding. Three bolt necks are becoming the norm on the Jazz Bass, and installation of black pickguards is being standardized on all models."
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    How many neck bolts hold it on?

    They did start the pearl blocks during the 4-bolt era and these would also have the butt-end truss nut. But 4-bolts pretty rare. The majority was 3-bolt with bullet truss.

    Then theres the bold print TV logo that ran until mid 76 and no serial on headstock. From mid 76 the logo became smaller print and the serial numbers moved into the headstock.

    Then there's the tuners; up to mid 76 had the nickel plate tuners with no tuxedo tails on the bottom the the clovers. From mid 76 switched to chromed plate tuners with the tuxedo tails at the bottom of the clovers.
  4. The neck is a 4 bolt neck with the serial number in the 400,000s. Im thinking its a 73 or 74? I was just wondering if anyone on here knows exactly when they switched to the white pearaloid blocks. It seems very early for a peraloid block neck. When i noticed it was a 4 bolt bass, I was very surprised. I figured it has been converted from a 3 bolt but the neck and body have no extra holes and the serial number is on the neck plate.
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    I have a 4-Bolt maple/pearl block J neck that is dated '74 (and everything else on the bass dates to '74 as well). Like Caca de Kick said, the 3-bolts are more common because they were made for many more years ('75-79ish).

    Black blocks were the norm on maple necks until '74, and were replaced by the maple/pearls in late '73 or very early '74. There was a little bit of overlap though as Fender depleted their supply of the black blockers, so an early '74 maple neck Jazz could have black or pearl. By early '75 most maple/pearls were made as 3-bolts, and by '76 they were all 3s.
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    this might help you determine the whether it's a '73 or '74. '73's were the last year that had the 'tug bar' on the treble side. '74's had the 'thumbrest' on the bass side.