SOLD 1971 Fender Precision Fretless Bass with MAPLE Neck w/case

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    Important note: This is a private sale of personally-owned electric bass equipment, and is not associated with my music store in any way (which specializes in upright bass gear).

    This is my own personally owned gear, inherited from the estate of my dad, Bob, who owned it for many years. While I'm definitely keeping some of his most treasured instruments, this is one of the ones that needs to go to a new home where it will be used/played/enjoyed.

    This is a beautiful example of an early American-made Fender Precision, and it's a good bit less common, as it's got a fretless maple neck. It's in REALLY great condition. I don't throw around words like "mint" with reckless abandon, but it's darned close -- I'd call it a "closet classic," as it has very little wear and only a couple of minor imperfections (and one minor modification, which I'll mention below.)

    It very clearly has very few hours, and was kept by its two (known) owners with great care and reverence. My Dad bought this bass to re-live his glory days, when he had a bass very similar to this one and played it for many, many sets with his bands the early 70s. (See photo below).

    The bass carries serial #327587 on its neck heel. It has its original finger rest and "ashtrays" over the pickup and bridge. The original pots and caps were replaced (by Bob) with a new Fender set because they were noisy, but the original ones are included in the case if you wish to restore it to the original parts. Everything else is 100% original, AFAIK, and it's all beautiful and the ashtrays are non-tarnished (the tuning key surfaces are mildly tarnished, as would be expected).

    The only imperfections I can easily find:
    1. The original owner lightly engraved his name ("Dreyer") on the neck plate. (see photo)
    2. There's one minor "buckle rash" ding on the lower inside bout. (see photo)
    3. There are very mild fingernail scratches under the strings on the pickguard. (could not get them to show in photograph)
    The bass plays perfectly; the action is super low, and the bass has that classic P-Bass tone with plenty of fretless growl. It's currently fitted with flatwound strings, and fingerboard wear is minimal.

    INCLUDES fitted Plastic Hardshell Case. The case is not original, but it is protective. The plastic handle recently broke, and a brand new replacement is included inside the case. The case is otherwise in excellent condition; good latches, interior is in great shape, etc.

    Price includes shipping to the continental USA. I pack and ship instruments, amps, and other gear daily, and this will be very well-packed and shipped with insurance to cover loss or damage. I can also work with local folks who wish to come pick up the bass in person, I'm in Southern NJ, about 20 minutes from Philadelphia, PA.

    For Sale Only. Don't be afraid to ask, but am really not interested in trades - we're trying to "thin the herd," here.

    Important note on pricing: Since it IS a sought-after era for the P-Bass, it's very hard to pinpoint what the price should be. I based the asking price on other sales I've seen, considering condition, rarity, and some other factors. If you legitimately think I'm way out of the ballpark, hit me up with a reasonable offer (pursuant to the rules of TalkBass, please don't debate the price in the comments). Ultimately, I want to put this bass into the hands of someone who can and will appreciate it.

    I can accept payment by PayPal, check, Venmo. Credit cards can be run through PayPal. Cash, and discount (for non-shipping) for in-person sales when you come to me (Southern NJ, near Philadelphia).


    bob with original.jpg
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    This is not a “pre CBS” bass. Just some friendly info. Nice bass but definitely not pre-CBS. GLWTS
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    Thanks - brain fart! Corrected.
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    A real beauty. GLWTS
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    I love this bass!! but I already have one. Good luck with the sale its a beauty.
  6. Wow. An absolutely beautiful bass… and fretless. W.O.W!!!!
  7. Very nice, and price seems very reasonable to me. John Paul Jones says “buy it now”!

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    Oh man… I would love this to match my rosewood fretless. And sunburst too! :drool:
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    Gorgeous. How much does this bass weigh? Thanks!
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    It's pretty light, actually. I'll try to weigh it tomorrow.
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    That pic of bob is totally, completely and entirely DOPE!!!
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    PM Sent.
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