No longer available 1973 Ampeg SVT "Blackline" with matching 810 Cabinet

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    New Jersey
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    Here is a shining example of an Ampeg SVT (blackline) and its matching 8x10" straight-back speaker cabinet. Both the head and cab were serviced in February at Dave's Sound in Whippany, NJ - amp got new tubes, 3 prong power cord, and cleaning; cab needed 2 speakers reconed with NOS materials. Sounds amazing as it looks. Comes with original dust covers and 1/4" to 4-prong speaker cabinet cord as well. Even includes the frequently lost dolly for the cab.

    Trades/partial trades only considered for Alembic, Wal, or Travis Bean basses. Good condition GK 800RB also will be accepted as a partial trade.



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  3. She is in great shape.

    I have the same rig and these old girls sound sweet & smooth. Lots of fun to move, but worth it!
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