1974 Fender Jazz Bass Neck (4-Bolt)

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  1. The Bass Clef

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    Nov 17, 2010
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    1974 Fender Jazz Bass Neck
    4-Bolt Maple w/ Pearl Blocks & White Binding

    All original except the nut has been replaced. Original frets only show very minor wear. The date part of the stamp is illegible, but these necks were only made in '74. '73 would still have black blocks and by early '75, the Jazz Bass had gone to the 3-bolt system.

    The back of the neck is pretty smooth throughout, nothing but a few small insignificant dings. Neck is straight with no warps or twists, and it sets up and plays great. But.. it's important to disclose that the neck has the infamous crack in the fretboard at the 1st fret. The 1st pearl block shattered too (not all the pieces sit totally flush, but they aren't felt with the strings on, while playing). Both the crack and the block have been glued/repaired and remain stable. I also put the neck through a "stress test", which I will explain below..

    I had to make sure the truss rod still functioned. So, I tightened the truss rod to where it got very snug, and with the neck mounted to a body, I set it up/intonated it, and left it tuned to pitch over the next 72+ hours, while playing it often. Everything remained very stable, the relief was good (just a little over the thickness of a credit card at the 8th fret), the action was nice (and I like low-med/low action), and the neck played all the way up and down without any notes fretting-out. After that, I was satified and before removing the neck, I loosened the truss rod nut a 1/2 turn to make it as safe and stable as possible for shipping (and rapid climate changes) when I sell it.

    I don't recommend tightening the truss rod past the snug point since it has been cracked and repaired once already (even though I think it could handle it). But, I assure you that I would not say that this neck is functional and completely capable of nice action and playability if it was not. I would personally throw a set of some low tension TI flats on it and the action could even go lower. But I tested it with standard 45-105 GHS rounds and it still felt great.

    The only other thing I can think to mention is there's a very small piece of the binding that broke off at the 12th fret (see pic). I have never noticed it while playing.

    These 4-bolt '70s necks go for $1K and up in great condition and I've adjusted my price accordingly for this one. This could be a cool opportunity for someone looking to get that glorious vintage Jazz feel and save some $$ too!

    $650 (CONUS)
    Paypal or Money Order Accepted.
    Shipping will be insured for the purchase price and will include a tracking #.

  2. The Bass Clef

    The Bass Clef is modulating in time. Gold Supporting Member

    Nov 17, 2010
    Southern California
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