SOLD 1974 Fender Jazz Bass

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    1974 Fender Jazz bass. Only thing replace are the strap buttons, originals are included. So are the pickup covers, however missing a screw. Anyways, pots and pickups seem to check out, action and everything else is great, comes with the original case. Front is very clean and the back has minor wear. All in all great condition for a '74 and definitely not a heavy one. 2600 paypal shipped in the US, international pays for their own shipping. Edit: Weight is 9 lbs 2 oz.

    fsj1.jpg fsj2.jpg fsj3.jpg fsj4.jpg fsj5.jpg fsj6.jpg fsj7.jpg fsj8.jpg fsj9.jpg fsj91.jpg fsj92.jpg fsj93.jpg fsj94.jpg fsj95.jpg fsj96.jpg fsj97.jpg
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    What is the actual weight? Thanks!
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    9 lbs 2 oz is the weight.
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    Someone will buy that
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    I will get a loan ...if it's white