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For Sale 1974 Gibson Ripper Natural w/Maple Neck and OHSC

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by daveonbass, Jun 30, 2020 at 8:01 AM.

  1. daveonbass

    daveonbass Supporting Member

    Apr 5, 2001
    Waupun, WI
    1974 Gibson Ripper in good condition considering the age - there are finish cracks throughout, and the finish has been worn through in spots at the top of the neck as shown. This bass has been played a lot. The current bridge is not original, but original bridge (without cover) & case included. Previous owner believed the 4 position switch had been replaced as well. Case is in decent shape considering the age. All latches close and handle works as well.

    I am guesstimating the year based on serial number of 175403 and this blurb: “precise dating of six digit s/n Rippers is not so easy - unlike the eight digit decals or the eight digit stamp, there is no date encoded into the number. However from studying several Ripper basses, it would seem that the majority of six digit serial numbers starting 1 would have been shipped in 1974.” found online here: 1974 Gibson Ripper Bass Guitar >> FlyGuitars

    Fellow TBer 40Hz knows way more about these basses than I do and had this to say:

    “It’s definitely the first iteration of the Ripper (1973-74) before it migrated to the the more sculpted body shape, block string ferrules, molded number pickguard and 3-point pickup mounting method that followed in 1975.

    Sweet bass! :thumbsup:

    FWIW that’s also a replacement pickguard. The originals were 1-ply and had a bad tendency to screw up the pickups. If you left a Ripper for extended periods in its case, the plastic could gas excessively and rot the insulation on the pickup windings necessitating an expensive replacement or rewind. So I’d consider having a replacement pickguard on yours as a major plus and a positive selling point.”

    Price includes shipping CONUS

    Video is this exact bass, and was recently done by previous owner. I traded for this bass with the intent to sell it:

    IMG_7348.jpeg IMG_7357.jpeg IMG_7349.jpeg IMG_7356.jpeg IMG_7354.jpeg IMG_7350.jpeg IMG_7353.jpeg IMG_7355.jpeg IMG_7351.jpeg 20200624_155634.jpeg IMG_7359.jpeg IMG_7358.jpeg
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  2. daveonbass

    daveonbass Supporting Member

    Apr 5, 2001
    Waupun, WI
    This is a great video on the history of Gibson Ripper basses in general:
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