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1975/76 Silver Face Fender Twin Reverb

Discussion in 'For Sale: Other Stuff (Not bass related)' started by micahturner, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. I'm selling my Fender Twin Reverb. It's the master volume model that has 135 watts of pure tube power. Tubes are JJ's, new three prong cord, replaced some screen grid resistors, new caps, tolex is in decent shape given its age, reverb tank got a thumbs up from the tech. I do not have the REV/VIB pedal.

    I took the grill off this morning to clean and it looks like the previous owner replaced the speaker baffle. It could use a fix, but still works well. Just not really a class "A" job. Shoddy wood work. The reverb tank cables and speaker cables could use replacing as well. They are original so they are about...36 years old. I don't know much about the speakers. The source code on them reads 67(Eminence)- 88(year)34(week). I do not think these are the factory speakers. The tech I took it to said the amp was either a '75 or '76. I could be reading the code all wrong too. The mid pot on the reverb channels may need cleaning or replacing. It is a little scratchy when turning, but is noise free during play. Should be another cheap fix.

    I just took the amp out of storage to look at it and found these things to be deficent. I bought the amp for a project, took it to the tech, while being serviced the project fell through, put it straight into storage to save space at the house. If you want the pictures let me know.

    I wanted to update the thread to give an accurate description, which is what I should have done in the first place. I do not want to mislead anyone. I'll be traveling to Texas from GA, then on to Washington state. If you are along the way I'd be more than happy to drop it by. I can take pics, just send me a PM.

    I'm lowering the price to $700
  2. 64jazz


    Nov 29, 2011
    Louisville, KY USA
    Gonna need a price. :help:
  3. Good looking out. I spent $400 in parts and labor, so I'm hoping to get $700.

    Shipping will be pricey and a pain because this thing is a little heavy.

    I am very interested in trades. I need a solid P or J bass. I love Fender and Lakland, but I'm open to what ever. Send me a PM.
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