1975 P-Bass Body

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    Nov 1, 2005
    I have a P-Bass body that i pulled from a 1975 P-Bass. It is natural and in pretty good shape. It has a couple nicks here and there and a little buckle rash as you can see in the pics. It is a little on the heavy side as a lot of these bodies were in the mid to late 70's.

    I also have a brand spankin new WD 70's Tort pickguard for it as well if you are interested. I just got it in the mail Saturday. It has all the correct holes for the post 73 P Basses...tug bar on top and pickup cover holes. It is on the basspartsresource website.

    $450 shipped for the body

    $500 shipped for the body and the new 70's pickguard

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