SOLD 1975 Precision Bass *Clean*

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    Up for grabs is a super clean 1975 Fender Precision Bass. It is 100% original including the covers, grey bottom pickup, pots. The only changed part is the output jack, but the original is included in the case.

    The guy I bought it from bought this bass in 1982 and left it in the case in 1984 until I bought it in 2020. Neck is straight, truss rod works perfectly, tuners turn freely (the D string tuner has some extremely mild pitting). There are 5 dings on the bass, all photographed. A couple on the lower bout of the body and small shallow dings on the 4th fret position of the back of the neck. Other than that, the finish is nice and vibrant. The case has the original key but one latch is missing. The other two latches work well, but I wouldn’t use this case as the main gigging case.

    Sounds really great, super warm, great weight at 9.6 lbs.

    Asking $3500 shipped CONUS. Only trades I’d be interested in are Jazz Basses of similar vintage.

    02D27F64-D436-4E24-AD85-90FA3FF0494A.jpeg B88C2056-560A-4668-AE94-415E1DABC8A2.jpeg 18EB8DD9-2DA3-4E35-A15C-5AA270E06DC4.jpeg 3FD246A6-10C8-40E8-8512-9E928A78F8E8.jpeg F8A874B5-9472-4A7A-996B-D1FC7E759D1B.jpeg F846BFF5-304F-4E29-AAAA-A3C142FFB0CB.jpeg 49E68236-0D91-4890-B700-6E497E28B6B3.jpeg 86D2ECF5-F72F-4F79-BB92-4B653D89F14F.jpeg E82B289A-3D88-4316-BBBF-478D27CE5F57.jpeg BF0493C1-C630-4778-916F-35BE54032DA8.jpeg BFA83455-9CA0-407C-9D00-98E672CA498E.jpeg 735A5DB4-7E23-4FF2-B92E-AF8E863F568D.jpeg
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    TV LOGO!
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    Price drop to $3000 shipped!
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    Would you ship to Canada?