SOLD 1976 Bicentennial Gibson Thunderbird

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    Here is one awesome piece of history and one of the coolest basses ever IMHO. It's in great condition with of course a little mojo from 42 years of playing but overall a great bass. It did have the normal cracked headstock crack but favored only 1 side and repaired by an accomplished luthier with 40 years experience and stronger then before. It is also cleared over so you can't feel the crack lines. It's all original except for the strap locks and comes with the original case. Sounds and the legend it is. A killer bass for the collection. $2500 plus $100 shipping. 20190427_170525.jpg 20190427_170516.jpg 20190427_170529.jpg 20190427_170545.jpg 20190427_170550.jpg 20190427_170614.jpg 20190427_170636.jpg 20190427_170558.jpg 20190427_170900.jpg 20190427_170915.jpg
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    I like the way the luthier did the repair - no pretending it never happened. Make it solid, neat, and let it be what it is. Plus, it kept the serial. Wish I had the cash right now! GLWS
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