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1976 Fender Jazz Bass, 95% Original-OHSC-AS IS $1350

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by A-Step-Towards, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. Lets get the AS IS out of the way right away, this bass was the discussion of a thread here. I got it and it was totally not as described, it came to me off of ebay.

    The finish appears original to me on the back and sides , but these natural finished 70's fenders aged weird and it seems like a clea would come off , it has done this on the back of the '76 mustang I have posted. Anyways this clear would come off and there was still a thick finish underneath, I think this started on the front of the bass and then it was totally removed off the front, so the sides and back have original finish but the front has the clear coat off the top removed but the original finish underneath.

    There is a badass II which of course is not original, the tone pot dates to 1976 , the other pots are not original. The pickguard screws were not original when I got it, they have been swapped out for another set, looks fine just not original. Other then this the bass and case is original.

    THE "AS IS" PART I would say the frets are useable , but i would do a dressing likely soon. The action on this thing is super high and when I turn the truss rod it does nothing to adjust the action, it turns but the action doesnt change. I can do a lot of work on basses but I dont deal with neck issues. It maybe something you can do cheap if you have the know how, its a awesome neck in pretty solid shape so it would be a shame to just not do anything with the bass, it sounds great I love its tone but its pretty hard to play with action that high in the upper registers.

    I am posting it at $1350 Shipped CONUS, that price is firm-payment via money order.

    I know I can clear more parting it up, but I perfer to offer it whole in hopes it lives on. I dont like to part up vintage basses, but if you have parts you need off this let me know as I may have to part it up.

    This is the best I can do for pics tell monday-TRADES WELCOME


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