No longer available 1976 Fender P bass Olympic White

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  1. frank cucinotta

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    Mar 3, 2019
    I have decided to sell a real gem of a bass today. All original 1976 Fender Precision. I bought the bass from the original owner years ago and just not playing it anymore. Plays wonderful with low action all the way up the neck. Nice B neck profile. 1.58 at the nut. Frets are super clean with very little wear. Trust rod works as it should. Nice arrow straight neck with no dead spots or buzzing. Punchy strong pick-ups. Weight is around 9.2 on my cheap scale give an ounce either way. Come with the original factory Black tolex case is very good condition. Chrome covers, thumb rest and owners booklet included. Comes with the original guard which does have a small hole that is covered up, and two very nice reissue guards. The bass is sold as-is. No returns. USA ONLY. Payment pay pal only. Shipping 125.00.

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    Oh my goose nuts that is one sweet bass!!
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    wowser. glwts!