1976 Gibson Thunderbird 825.00

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  1. 1976 Gibson Thunderbird with original hardshell case in excellent condition.. Plays fantastically and has a great powerful sound.. It has a professionally repaired crack behind the second fret that does not affect playability.. I have had it for a while and have enjoyed it immensely.. It has low action.. to see photos go to http://basslouis.20m.com
  2. man i love the shape of those basses. the thunder bird and the black bird. i want a black bird(bass player of system of a down has one). if i had the cash i would get this bass. if you ever just want to get rid of it for free or like $200 come to me.
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    Jul 25, 2001
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    nah the bassplayer from system of a down doenst play a blackbird. Its just a normal thunderbird. Maybe the pickups have been changed or sumthing but thatd be it. Its not the matte finish or the same controls or the iron cross inlays. you can get a black thunderbird, which is what he has. Check them out at gibson's website.
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