1977 Fender 2x15 Bass Cabinet

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  1. image.jpg My bassist has been playing on an original 1977 Fender Bassman 50 with a sealed 2x15 cab and it sounds great except I can hear something rattling inside the cab when A notes are played at adequate volumes. I've tried compression and EQ to lessen the rattling but it's still somewhat there. Is there any way to open this cab up without tearing it apart?

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    Tearing it apart? There should be a bunch of screws holding the back panel on. Get a drill and put a phillips bit in it and take all the screws out. That should give you access to the insides of the cabinet. Either a glue joint is giving or there is something loose inside it. The speakers are most likely mounted from the inside with nuts holding the speakers in place.

    Good luck!!!
  3. Stumbo

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    I don't see any screws in the back. How about a pic of the front?
  4. I've had a mid-1960s Fender Bassman 2x12 cabinet which had a bunch of screws in the back, and a 1970s 2x15 Bassman which had a sealed back, so no screws were in the back. You will need to remove the front grill to access the speakers. If my memory is correct, there should several velcro-like pieces all around the grill that hold it in place. But its been over 30 years since I have my 2x15 cab ......
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    Front grill held with Velcro--- 1st time removal takes some work.
  6. When you first pull the grill off, try playing it before you remove the speaker, just in case it is the grill that is rattling.
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    Just take a flat head screwdriver, and pry the front grill from the side. The grill is just a board with grill cloth stapled around the edge. First time I've seen no screws on the back.